Childhood is an important stage that requires age-specific nutrition. 

Childhood is an important stage that requires age-specific nutrition.


According to Food and Nutrition Bulletin 2017, Vol. 38(3) 405- South Africa’s children between the ages of one and five years, do not get adequate vital nutrients in their daily diet.  Some of the critical nutrient gaps identified for young children are a deficiency in Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron.  Infact between 44 and 62% of SA children under 5 do not get enough Iron, 58% have an insufficient intake of Vitamin A and 55% of this age group’s intake of zinc is less than adequate.



These sub optimal nutrient intakes affect our childrens ability to grow and develop optimally, it affects the health of their immune systems which all contributes to poorer adult outcomes in terms of cognitive development and overall  health and well being.


To respond to some of these nutritional challenges, NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ today announced it’s new and improved recipe, tailor-made for the nutritional needs of little ones aged three to five years.


“Children aged three to five years require a nutrient dense diet with foods that are essential for future, social and cognitive well-being.  The new and improved NESTLÉ® NIDO® 3+ recipe contains optimal levels of Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron which are the most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies in this age group in South Africa. NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ contains Lactobacillus Protectus (L.rhamnosus)  that supports children’s immune systems, specially the  respiratory defences.  It is also a source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in the form of added DHA that contributes to normal brain function and learning," shares Belinda Vernon, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Nutrition East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR).


“Childhood moments bring so much joy to parents, caregivers, and families. This is when the young ones discover the world around them and make sense of it all. We encourage all South African parents and caregivers to continue supporting the growth and development of their children by choosing age-appropriate nutritional products for them," added Vernon.

Today’s virtual launch was attended by various media and influential caregivers nationwide and was hosted by well-known social media personality, Olwethu Leshabane.  Amongst the panelists, were Bontle Sebesho, registered dietitian as well as Abigail Friedman, an occupational therapist.Logo Nestle Nido

NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ is not a breastmilk substitute and is formulated to meet the changing nutrition needs of healthy children older than 3 years.


For more information on NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ visit or follow us on Facebook @NIDO South Africa. You can also follow the conversation on social Media by using the hashtag #NIDO3Plus #ChildhoodMoments.


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L’Oréal Professionnel celebrates love with their #KeepTheSteamAlive campaign.

L’Oréal Professionnel continues to pioneer the hair game with their exciting new #KeepTheSteamAlive campaign as they introduce the new SteamPod 3.0 with its bespoke design and innovative technology. A woman’s hair in any form, is an expression of love and beauty. L’Oréal decided to spread the message of love and beauty with this campaign. A year since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic and L’Oréal takes a journey with couples to find out how they kept things exciting during such trying times.

The past year has been nothing short of challenging for couples worldwide, from constant arguments to finding new ways to #KeepTheSteamAlive. L’Oréal Professionnel sets to bring the heat to South Africans with their newest innovation The L’Oréal Professional Steampod 3.0, as they partner with some of Mzansi’s most loved couples and find out how they #KeepTheSteamAlive. The brand partnered with the likes of Jessica Van Heerden, Sasha Langa, Thandi Gama and the lovely Le’chelle Aldridge to show you how exactly they #KeepTheSteamAlive.

There are various ways to a woman’s heart and sometimes the perfect gift sets you miles ahead and the L’Oréal Steampod 3.0 promises to give you that push. While we’re easing into the scheme of things, there are certain norms that will go unchanged, whether its date night with your partner or dinner with the girls, one thing will always remain and that is the need for a lady to dress up and look as well as feel good every now and then.

“Being in lockdown with my fiancée was quite a challenge, we missed out on so much but had to find ways to substitute the things we love most that we no longer could do. One of the toughest things for us was putting off our wedding celebration and having to hold off on so many of the pre-events such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties. His support and love really helped us #KeepTheSteamAlive. As we ease back into some of the norms and getting to go on date nights again, getting ready with L’Oréal Steampod 3.0 has brought all that excitement back.” Says YouTuber and social media influencer, Jessica Van Heerden.

“The L’Oréal SteamPod 3.0 makes getting ready for any occasion a breeze. It’s unique patented steam technology promises to instantly transform your hair 2x faster, 2x smoother* while reducing hair breakage by 78%** compared to traditional hot irons, making it the safest hot iron of its kind. From loose curls, easy waves, to sleek & straight. The L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 3.0 is suitable for all hair types and hairstyles.” Says L’Oréal Professional Brand Manager, Keagile Mnguni.

Keagile Mnguni, further shares that, “We wanted to bring back the excitement of getting ready for a day or night out with so much ease. The #KeepTheSteamAlive campaign helped us do that as we partnered with relatable content creators as they gave us a glimpse of what #KeepTheSteamAlive means to them and how they shared their stories of love as well as secrets of beauty using the incredible L’Oréal Professional Steampod 3.0.”

Follow the conversation and tell your stories of love by using the hashtag #KeepTheSteamAlive as well as follow us on social media @lorealpro.

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A Day at Steenberg

Value. Tranquility. Decadence.
These are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Steenberg. We recently
had the privilege of visiting this stately farm and oh what an absolute treat it was. Not only
is Steenberg the oldest farm in the Western Cape, it is one of the most beautiful as well!
Steenberg is unique for many reasons but I think what struck me most was that it has all
the opulence you would expect from a 5 star, global player in luxury but somehow, it
manages to still make you feel totally at home and welcome. It is peaceful, beautiful, not
over-crowded, not trying too hard and of course, a maverick in what they choose to
highlight - this in reference to the buildings which are synonymous in the original

My family and I enjoyed farm-fresh and absolutely divine Alfresco picnic. At this point in
our lives, we love picnicking as we have an almost 6-month-old so you can imagine we do
a lot of quick on-the-go meals. The picnic turned out to be perfect for us as we were able
to enjoy delicious 5-star gourmet meals on the lawns at total leisure and at our own pace.
The Alfresco box really surprised me at how delicious and unique the meals were. The
food was really well thought out, tantalizing and different. I appreciate food and love
trying new things so I was surprised when we opened up our box and some real gems
revealed themselves. I won’t give any of the goods away as you really do need to try this
one yourself but what I will say is that we received a five-course gourmet meal priced as a
picnic from Tryn restaurant.

In your picnic box, you can look forward to treats locally sourced and all made on the farm
(including the butter, I mean who does not love home-made butter). I loved that extra
thought was put into things like our beautiful freshly baked rosemary bread which was
pre-cut making it super easy to share and enjoy. A menu was attached to our box which
made it feel like we were savouring our experience just a little bit longer and gave us the
opportunity to enjoy each meal for what it was. All items were individually labeled and
wrapped which was really reassuring, especially considering covid.
On the whole, the flavours were absolutely lovely, our box ready and waiting, the grounds
inviting which all complimented this beautiful experience.
We received outstanding service from all the staff. The estate was of course immaculate
and views, well… they are worth the journey! We felt truly spoilt and really had a superb
A day out at Steenberg is honestly just the thing we all need to connect with nature, our
tastebuds, and loved ones! You can do this at one of the farm's restaurants, spa, hotel or
picnics. Don’t forget, wine tasting is a must!
Thank you for having us, we will definitely be back!

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Why your financial plan is all about you

Four steps to ensure that your financial plan is as unique as your goals in life


No matter how much money you have nor how old you are, every adult needs a financial plan. Working with a financial adviser may help you to maximise returns on your investments, but financial planning is about far more than calculations on products and returns. It is about you.

According to Craig Kiggen, the Managing Director at Consolidated Wealth, a financial plan is simply a map to reach your goals. “Everyone wants to have more money, but money is not the goal,” says Craig. “You need a financial plan to reach your life goals; money is just the tool that makes this possible.”

Do you want to retire early and travel? Do you want a beach cottage? Perhaps you are saving to send your children to university. These are life goals that require a financial plan.

“You need to know where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Your financial plan is what connects the two and it is as unique as you are,” Craig explains. “Deciding to start on the journey to achieve your plan marks a fresh beginning with your money. It means that you’re setting out to accomplish a goal that will change your life for the better.”

So how do you start? Craig shares his top four recommendations for putting together a goal-driven financial plan.

  1. List your goals

Having goals is the foundation for your financial success. You have to know what you want to accomplish in order to achieve it. So clearly define and write down all your financial goals. When you start putting thoughts into words, they will become your long-term motivation.

  1. Categorise and Prioritise

Now categorise your goals based on a timeframe. Generally, financial goals less than three years are short term goals. Goals with a four to seven year time frame are medium-term goals and those that will take seven years or more are long term goals. Categorising your goals will help you to build a roadmap, and they will help your financial adviser to select the right products to deliver on your different time frames.

  1. Fixing a target date

The next step is to fix a target date for each of your goals. But how do you know in advance the date of your daughter’s wedding? Identifying a target date will influence your thought process and your mind will start running a countdown. So, once you’ve made up a date, you need to determine how much money you will need. For example, if you are planning for your son’s university education which is still 10 years away, you need to calculate the cost in today’s prices. Then you need to adjust for inflation. Now you have the future value of your target.

  1. How much to save?

Once you have determined the future value of the goal, you can decide how much you need to save or invest in order to reach the target amount. Initially, you may contribute less than is needed, but you will be able to increase this contribution based on your annual income growth. If you do this year after year, then eventually your financial goals will become reality.

So, whether you are close to retirement or fresh out of university, wealthy or just getting by, you can use these simple steps to put a plan in place to ensure your financial future. Once you know what you want to achieve, Craig recommends working with a financial adviser to create a plan that’s tailored for your individual situation.

Craig concludes: “For us, financial planning is about understanding each and every client, what matters most to them, their goals and their relationship with their money. It’s about developing a holistic, integrated plan attuned to their circumstances, needs and priorities at every stage of their lives.”

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“Every girl, no matter where they live, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.” Michelle Obama


Last year SDC, (a specialist skills development organisation) partnered with Fix Moeti; social entrepreneur and DJ Fix from 5FM for ‘The Fix SDC Learnership Programme’. The programme has been designed to identify female leaders that want to improve their business skills and be part of the Fix Scholarship Women’s Mentorship that includes life and business coaching by Fix Moeti and SDC.


The ladies who were selected to participate in ‘The Fix SDC Learnership Programme’ are all empowered young women who wanted to further their studies, create change and make a difference in their communities. Each applicant has their own, unique vision for their future within their communities.


We caught up with the applicants and this is what they had to say:


Darnell Reed Dhavaran who can be described as a confident young social entrepreneur is completing a NQF level 4 Project Management Course which she believes will help her gain a competitive advantage in the business world. She says, “this programme and the positive learning environment at SDC has afforded me the opportunity to reach both my personal and professional goals which I hope to one day use to mentor future aspiring female entrepreneurs.” Darnell encourages young women to challenge their fears and let resilience be the basis of achieving excellence.


Busi Tshegofatso Mdluli who is busy completing her NQF level 3 Business Administration course, believes that she would not be where she is today had she not been selected for this learnership with Fix and SDC. Not just because of the skills she has acquired, but also because of the people she has encountered along the way.  Busi urges all aspiring social entrepreneurs to never be ashamed of telling their story, because someday it will inspire others.


Another applicant that made it through the selection process is Nonkululeko Khumalo, who is currently finishing off her NQF level 4 Project Management Course. Post the course completion, Nonkululeko plans to start a training school in technology. She says that, “I loved getting to work with a group of supportive, like-minded female entrepreneurs which have opened my eyes to the importance of networking.” She believes that if we want to see women grow and excel in the workplace, we need to help each other by sharing knowledge and supporting one another.


Andile Alexius Mnguni, who is already doing some work in her community for ROAR SA is completing her NQF level 4 Project Management Course. Andile describes her journey as an eye opener to the inequities that still exist within South Africa for young, female entrepreneurs. Through this learnership and her work with ROAR SA - a group that aims to empower children through public speaking, Andile is more determined than ever to forge ahead with her entrepreneurial dreams that she hopes will also enrich and inspire other young women to become unstoppable.


Fix Moeti, Chief Executive and Founder of the Fix Scholarship says, “I am a true believer in encouraging female entrepreneurship and leadership that leads to positive social impact through education. Working with the 2020 Fix SDC Learnership alumni ladies has been so inspiring for me and others that have been part of this journey. I have faith that these young ladies have what it takes to make a change within their communities. The Fix Scholarship is a NPO that offers female social entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their solutions that address urgent social development challenges in their communities, to life.


The next The Fix SDC Learnership Programme will be announced within the next few months but for more information on SDC, get in touch via the SDC Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn pages.

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