Unlocking business growth through the untapped potential of cash investments

In today’s challenging and competitive environment, businesses need to ensure that they are maximising every asset and entrenching resilient profitability however they can. The problem, of course, is that most owners and managers of small and medium enterprises are so intently focused on their day-to-day operations, that they don’t have the time to consider alternative […]

Beware of tax season scammers

As the 2024 tax season officially gets underway and provisional and non-provisional taxpayers prepare their paperwork filing, Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET Southern Africa, says it’s essential to be extra vigilant as cybercriminals set their sights on South African taxpayers for a quick payday. Tax season has become a popular time for criminals to send […]

The Cape Town sisters taking Africa’s stories to the world

Ananta Design Studio: A design house partnering with local craftspeople, creating jobs, empowering communities, and putting local design on the global stage The work of Cape Town’s local craftspeople was all the inspiration that sisters Viveka and Rucita Vassen needed to start Ananta Design Studio, their design and décor business that reimagines the traditional handiwork […]

Your guide for managing a financial windfall

Getting a financial windfall can come from various sources such as an inheritance or winning a lottery. A financial windfall might change your life and present you with a lot of financial opportunities, however, if you don’t utilise it wisely it may create unpleasant moments. Therefore, it is important to have a plan in place […]