Safety tips when withdrawing stokvel savings this festive season

For decades, stokvels have played a significant role in encouraging the culture of saving and helping people achieve their financial goals. Despite the challenging economic environment, stokvels continue to show growth and evolve as they continue to serve additional purposes other than what they were traditionally created for. With the festive season approaching, a lot […]

3 tips to make a small capital work in Forex trading

  The Octa experts explain how anyone can start trading Forex on a budget, and what important steps investors in South Africa need to take to mitigate risks and maximise trading opportunities.   All investments require capital to start. Fortunately, investing in the Forex market requires a significantly smaller budget than most other types of […]

Black Friday – Buy or Invest?

Black Friday has grown in prominence in South Africa over the last few years and has fundamentally changed the way South Africans shop. While average spending in November has historically been higher than in the first 10 months of the year, it was always well below the traditional festive season trading numbers recorded in December. […]

South African Artists exhibiting in London to empower local ladies!

Empowering women to live the life they deserve!   This significant event in London’s 2023 arts calendar celebrates the extraordinary success of One to One in Africa   Dualities Exhibition weaves together the stories of South African women who are using their talent and leadership to transform their own lives and society at large. The […]