How to Create a Manifestation Board

You become what you focus on! To manifest your dreams and goals, you must be purposeful about where you put your attention. Attention involves focusing. It’s essential to place what you want to create in the foreground of your mind. By placing your dreams, goals, and desires in full view within your environment, you are […]

Being a Better Boss To Yourself

Many entrepreneurs work long hours because they love what they do. They are willing to do what it takes to see the venture succeed, and if that means working a lot, so be it. But it also can be bad news when small business owners are like Sarah and are working so much, too much, […]

Can your Hobby Become a Business?

The art of making a living from your passion My creativity is quite challenged. I can’t paint, I can’t sing or play any instruments nor am I masterful with handicrafts. But written word has always been my love and I stick to that. I choose to share a message of high hopes, second chances, doing […]