Reading from an early age fosters a love for learning – this is the seed to success

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that early childhood education provides persistent, life-long benefits to children and that a comprehensive birth to age five programme has lasting effects on IQ as well as academic and economic achievement. This is because the neurological foundation for lifelong learning is developed during the first five years […]

Benefits of extra lessons

Extra lessons aren’t just for those learners struggling in certain subjects; learners of all aptitudes can benefit, and academic extension centre Edify’s results are testament to this. On average 2022 matric learners’ marks went up by 16% from the time they first joined an Edify school to their final matric results. For example, if a learner scored 80% in […]

Herbal tea stirs up kids’ beverage category

The popularity of herbal infusions or tisanes, like Rooibos, has surged in the last few years with more consumers drinking loose leaf, bagged, ready-to-drink and flavoured tisanes.   In 2021 alone, South Africans consumed more than 70 million cups of herbal tea – 5.7% up from 2020, with no signs of decline. Analysts say tisanes […]

Teach a child to read to learn, two hours a week

  According to a study by Jessica Logan, lead author of the study and assistant professor of educational studies at The Ohio State University, by the time children are five years old, if they’ve never had anyone read to them they, on average, had only heard about 4,662 different words up till then. This compared to the […]


This Mental Health Awareness Month, a leading provider of central nervous system medication is encouraging adults of ADHD children to have themselves tested for the condition.   Abdurahmaan Kenny, Mental Health Portfolio Manager for Pharma Dynamics says ADHD is highly familial. “Research shows that 40% of ADHD children have at least one parent with clinical […]