Tweak Fashion NPC, a dynamic non-profit organisation based in South Africa, is on a mission to transform lives and make a meaningful impact on communities. Established as the driving force behind the Tweak Directors’ passion for transformation, Tweak Fashion NPC identifies unemployed women in local communities, provides them with essential sewing and manufacturing skills, and […]

Local Entrepreneur Steps Up SA’s Rare Sneaker Game

Michael Jordan and Nike’s iconic Air Jordans transformed sneakerhead subculture into a billion dollar industry back in 1984. As a result, sneakers have become increasingly coveted, with footwear companies generating hype by collaborating with celebrities and luxury brands to release small batches of limited-edition shoes. Today, rare sneakers are sought-after among collectors, leading to a […]

Top brands of ladies jeans

Introduction I’m a big fan of women’s jeans. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they’re also one of the most comfortable garments you can wear. Jeans are also a staple item in any woman’s closet — there are so many different styles and brands to choose from! So today I’m going to be talking […]

South Africa’s Online Store Highlights Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs

WWF South Africa is committed to supporting local entrepreneurs who prioritize sustainability practices in their business operations. As part of this effort, WWF South Africa’s online shop features a variety of eco-sensitive products created by forward-thinking local entrepreneurs. One of the acclaimed local brands featured by WWF South Africa’s online shop is Danielle Camera Jewellery, […]