To maintain a healthy gut this holiday season, drink Rooibos

From cocktail parties and Christmas feasts to New Year’s Eve festivities, the end-of-year holidays are synonymous with social gatherings and delicious, but often rich and indulgent food and alcoholic excesses that can become a challenge for the digestive system. Researchers claim that herbal drinks, like Rooibos, which is indigenous to South Africa and derived from […]

B-well Collaborates with CANSA to create the Smart Choice Cookbook, Packed with Cancer-Preventing Recipes

In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, small changes in your diet can make all the difference. By changing something as simple as your cooking oil, you may reduce your risk of getting certain cancers. Throughout the month of October, in alignment with Cancer Awareness Month, B-well took an even more proactive approach in the […]

Can Mental Clutter Cause Depression?

  Overthinking and Rumination: Mental clutter often involves excessive thinking, especially negative or repetitive thoughts. This overthinking can lead to rumination, where individuals constantly dwell on their problems or negative experiences. This pattern of thinking is closely linked to depressive symptoms.   Stress and Anxiety: Mental clutter can be a source of chronic stress and […]

Scientists explore Rooibos’ potential to protect against Alzheimer’s disease

World Alzheimer’s Month (this September) is set aside to raise awareness and discussion around the disease and the worldwide necessity of finding new potential disease-modifying therapies.   While there currently exists no cure for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), preliminary studies with Rooibos extracts have shown that the tisane may be able to reduce the risk and […]


In a world that never seems to slow down, many of us look for ways to sustain our dwindling energy levels to keep up with the demands of everyday life. We employ strategies to mask inadequate sleep and often turn to an indulgent treat or fizzy drink as a means to power through our hectic […]