Why should you care about property valuation and inspection?

When you purchase a home, the bank performs a valuation to determine if the price being offered for the property is market-related, this verification process ensures that you are not overpaying for a property that you are looking for or underselling it as a property owner.   Angela Glover, Head of Product at FNB Home […]

Amanda-Jayne Introduces New Bathroom Spray

Amanda-Jayne unveils its latest innovation in home fragrance with the launch of their new bathroom spray. This powerful yet simple spray, made from naturally derived alcohol and a blend of pure essential oils, is designed to instantly eliminate bathroom odors and freshen the air. Featuring a captivating fragrance profile of lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary, the […]

10 Tips To Revamp Your Home Lawn

  Home lawns are the pride and joy of your home. If you have a small garden, then it becomes all the more important for you to focus on your lawn. An awesome looking home lawn is not just aesthetically pleasing but also has several other benefits, such as reducing humidity in your house during […]