Meet the young CA daring to disrupt SA’s non-alcoholic drinks market

Accountants are perceived to be safe and predictable; they don’t take unmeasured risks and don’t leap feet-first into new things. But throughout history, there have been accountants (including Nike founder Phil Knight) who’ve turned their backs on the certainty of a 9-5 job in finance for the adventure of entrepreneurship.   One South African who […] shares information about embracing Responsible Choices in the New Year

As South Africans return to their professional and academic commitments, takes this opportunity to fortify a culture of responsible alcohol use. Carmen Mohapi, the Managing Director of, sees this as a suitable time to re-evaluate our drinking habits and resist the temptation to use alcohol as a means of prolonging the holiday atmosphere, […]

New Year Resolution and Goals – do they leave you feeling more directionless than before?

By Kerry Rudman, Neurofeedback Training Specialist at Brain Harmonics As we enter a new year, many people find themselves grappling with a sense of directionlessness in various aspects of their lives. The pressure to set goals and resolutions can be overwhelming, leaving many people feeling adrift and unsure about their next steps. However, there is […]

”Share” a gift this festive season

  Gifting your loved ones with traditional gifts this festive season is great, but have you ever thought of gifting shares, ETFs, ETNs or even a Unit Trust as an investment for the future and a gift that has the ability to keep on giving?   This can be an even more thoughtful way to […]


Dina Lilian’s speech therapy practice is based at the Norwood Therapy Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The practice offers a variety of services.  Specialties of this practice include assessments and therapy for children, adolescents and adults who stutter and also provides therapy for the older learners who struggle with reading, spelling and writing through the implementation of an […]