shares information about embracing Responsible Choices in the New Year

As South Africans return to their professional and academic commitments, takes this opportunity to fortify a culture of responsible alcohol use. Carmen Mohapi, the Managing Director of, sees this as a suitable time to re-evaluate our drinking habits and resist the temptation to use alcohol as a means of prolonging the holiday atmosphere, […]

Supreme Queen Global Earth first princess hails from South Africa

In a remarkable achievement on November 17, 2023, Michelle Coetzee, a 31-year-old Chartered Accountant (SA) and a distinguished CIMA lecturer, clinched the 1st Runner-Up title at the 2023 Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa (SQGEA) competition. Founded by Cartier Lebatie, a qualified lawyer and Masters (LLM) candidate, SQGEA provides a leadership platform for women aged 21 […]

Stop scrolling, start learning, and unleash your potential

28% Of South Africans do not have access to the internet, according to DataPortal’s 2023 report. As for the rest of us, the temptation to spend time on social media, online shopping, and other digital meandering is strong, thanks to notifications and FOMO. The all-consuming nature of many digital platforms can waste time and life-enhancing […]