A dream that became a reality – discover the secret to optimal well-being

A dream that became a reality. That is what Footy’s is to the couple Christiaan Muller and Dr. Tersia Muller.

“Our vision was to offer humanity a product that is healthy on all possible levels - sugar-free, very high in Vitamin C, made with only natural ingredients that do not harm the body or mind in any way," says Christiaan.


"It's a product as pure as if mother nature herself blended it with ingredients from her earthly garden and served it in her most beautiful crystal glasses. We believe that a healthy soul resides in a healthy body, and what better way to achieve that than by nourishing your body with the best?."


This entrepreneur and his wife recognized the crucial role of oral hygiene in overall well-being and crafted its products with care to promote oral health and strengthen the immune system simultaneously.


Poor oral hygiene can lead to numerous issues, including periodontal disease, tooth loss, and even systemic conditions like cardiovascular disease.


Footy's operates as a small but tightly-knit team.


"Support, assistance, and unity as a team are paramount to us. We understand that each link is vital to the chain's function, and no section can succeed without the other," he affirms.


"Additionally, we believe in cherishing daily interactions filled with humor, conversations, and anecdotes, as humor is an integral part of our everyday existence," Christiaan said.