A Stitch in Time

wool-742770_960_720Aspire knits 67 beanies to celebrate International Mandela Day
By Grace Van Zyl

The team at Aspire Wealth Management approached making a difference on Mandela day with passion, dedication and commitment.  On the 1st of July they decided to knit 67 beanies for the underprivileged and hand these out on International Mandela day to nursery school children at Project Feed the Children, located in the N12 squatter camp.  The first challenge was to learn how to knit, and after a few lessons were well on their way to complete this mammoth task.  A combined team effort which took about 201 hours of knitting resulted in 67 beanies being completed on the morning of 18 July.  The team set off to the N12 squatter camp and were welcomed by one of the project managers, Dumisani Madi. The children were overwhelmed by their new beanies and sang songs of thanks and lots of hugs, thumbs up showed their excitement and appreciation.

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Project feed the Children provides these children with three meals a day, which in many instances is the only meal they get.  The N12 squatter camp is a poverty stricken settlement where many of the households are headed up by children.  This community faces many challenges which are not limited to poverty, abuse and lack of education.

It was an honour, privilege and humbling experience for Aspire Wealth to brighten up the lives of these children, with what in real terms was a small gift that we all take for granted.
For more information on Project Feed the Children contact
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Aspire Wealth is an independent fee based financial planning practice based in Benoni with a passion to make a difference in the community.
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