Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic Gynaecology is a new and highly specialised discipline of Gynaecology and is considered to be the connection of three specialties: Gynaecology, Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. It involves surgical and non-surgical treatment of the female reproductive systems. The procedures are often cosmetic, but are also conducted for functional purposes such as enhancing sexual experience and treating incontinence. The discipline has been practiced worldwide for almost two decades but is a new field in South Africa, with the first certified Aesthetic Gynaecologist, Dr Natalia Novikova, commencing practice in 2016. Treatments such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and laser vaginal rejuvenation are becoming increasingly sought after for the first time in South Africa.

The South African Aesthetic Gynaecology Society (SAAGS) was formed in early 2018 to provide an improvement to the aesthetic gynaecology outcomes for women in South Africa. SAAGS aims to achieve this by setting clinical practice standards, facilitating training and supportive interactions as well as providing research opportunities to interested professionals in the field. Membership is suited to medical professionals who are interested in aesthetic gynaecology and intend to provide such services to their patients, or any professional (nurses, beauty therapists) currently offering, or considering offering, treatments in the field.

SAAGS was founded Dr Natalia Novikova and is supported by other leading figures in the field who form a training team at academic and practical workshop sessions. The non-profit society provides an annual membership plan with access to a resource bank as well as ongoing support from the SAAGS team.
“The offerings in Aesthetic Gynaecology in South Africa are to date diverse and with very limited training. This field requires a more in-depth level of understanding which this association will offer professionals, thereby uplifting the level of treatments and procedures offered across South Africa” says Dr Novikova

More about Dr Natalia Novikova:
Dr Novikova is an experienced gynaecologist, specialised in urogynaecology and aesthetics, and has worked in various countries and settings over the years. Originally from Ukraine, Dr Novikova has established herself in South Africa and is currently based in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. Dr Novikova performs a range of procedures at Mediclinic Cape Town and more recently at Intercare Sandton in Johannesburg.
She is driven by her passion to help women with gynaecological problems and is currently the first and only certified aesthetic gynaecologist in South Africa. As an advanced minimally invasive surgeon, she is fully equipped with the expertise to treat a wide range of concerns including vaginal laxity, incontinence as well as vaginal dryness. She has recently founded the South African Aesthetic Gynaecology Society (SAAGS) and is dedicated to improve aesthetic gynaecology outcomes for women in this country.
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