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Labour law is for the feisty and the prepared. The legal profession, including labour law, is an age-old craft that requires critical thoughts, thorough preparation and continuous research. I pride myself on practising labour law in a manner that combines ancient respect and dedication with modern developments and values present in South African labour law.

Modern labour law developments should be embraced as they are an expression of our country’s constitutional values. I stay cognisant of the underlying constitutional sentiments when practising labour law, thereby striving to have justice done and justice seen to be done. I practise labour law fearlessly as fearlessness is required in a commercial world where the playing field between employer and employee is still unlevelled. My commitment to every client’s unique facts ensures that the correct legal questions are asked in order for the correct legal relief to be sought.

Labour law is a highly-regulated field of South African law which is why I ensure I do ample research to stay updated. My personal involvement in every step of a labour matter cannot be overemphasised. The tiniest detail may sometimes prove to be the ammunition a client requires to win his or her case and details are missed when clients are passed around in a firm. I handle all aspects of a client’s labour matter and therefore clients have one attorney and one attorney alone throughout.

Labour law is emotional and personal as clients pour their hearts and souls into their jobs, resulting in great disappointment when a labour relationship eventually sours. I realise that aggrieved employees require empathy and an available attorney – attributes I am proud to display in my labour law practice. Good relations with specialised labour law advocates ensure accessibility to a plethora of additional legal skills that may be applied to a client’s labour matter.

I wish to give employees a sense of empowerment, to assist clients to be able to obtain the legal relief they deserve and, most importantly, to practise labour law in a manner that helps eradicate the unlevelled playing field between employer and employee.

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