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During these trying times, Chefs with Compassion was created to help
feed those in need.  This non-profit organisation was born in early
April and is supported by 300 chefs, restaurant owners and volunteers.

Chefs with Compassion has grown from producing 2 355 meals in its
first week to 42 220 meals in its seventh week.  No food goes to waste
– and what cannot be salvaged is given to pig farmers.

The concept behind Chefs with Compassion is a simple one – to rescue
produce, provide it to compassionate chefs and kitchens, and connect
them with beneficiary organisations.

Come see what we do at our warehouse – we would love to give you a
tour! If you are interested in interviewing anyone, please let me know
and I can happily set this up for you.

It is amazing to see South Africans come together to help support one
another during this pandemic.

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Press release

June 2020


An alliance of five local and global organisations, backed by over 300
chefs, restaurant owners and volunteers has stepped in to play a small
part in filling the massive need for sustainable production of meals
for vulnerable communities around the country, igniting a
surplus-driven movement that will extend beyond COVID-19.

Chefs with Compassion was born in early April, shortly after the
declaration of a state of disaster by President Ramaphosa, when NOSH
Food Rescue’s Hanneke van Linge, in collaboration with Thava Indian
Restaurant in Norwood, began turning surplus rescued produce that
would otherwise have gone to waste into flavoursome, nutritious
curries and stews. According to _Food Loss and Waste: Facts and
Futures_, South Africa produces around 31-million tonnes of food every
year. Of that, 10-million tonnes is wasted, 44% of which is vegetables
and fruits.

In its first week, what was to become known as Chefs with Compassion,
consisting of three ‘kitchens’, produced 2 355 meals for nine
beneficiary organisations.

Hanneke van Linge comments, “In our six years of operation, we’ve come
to understand the vital role that the restaurant industry plays in our
food systems. In a country like South Africa that is marked by both a
high-calibre hospitality sector and extreme hunger, we have to find
innovative ways to work together and find real solutions to our social
plights. A project like Chefs with Compassion has long been part of
our bigger picture and the current lockdown situation realised and
scaled our pilot project with Chef Philippe Frydman and Thava
Restaurant faster than we could ever have anticipated. We now have
solid proof of concept: it is a powerful and efficient way to
distribute delicious, nourishing food to where it is needed most.”

As word spread via social media and the media, the concept of
providing rescued produce to compassionate chefs and kitchens to cook
up for Joburg’s vulnerable communities took root. The opportunity to
expand the movement into a national initiative was realised with the
formation of an alliance between NOSH Food Rescue NPC, Slow Food
International, the South African Chefs Association, Slow Food Chefs
Alliance SA, and Strategic PR. Subsequently, Chefs with Compassion, a
new Not for Profit Company, was formed.

By the first week of May, the number of beneficiary organisations had
grown to 28, receiving 11 749 meals from nine kitchens. With the
potential to increase the volume of rescued produce as a result of the
hospitality industry being shut down, the opportunity for expansion
was limited only by human resource – also in plentiful supply due to
the lockdown – and a suitable facility to receive the incoming

“It was at this point that the call went out for volunteers and a
warehouse from which we could expand the operation. The response was
overwhelming. Chefs all over the country extended their hands and
their hearts to assist, and the HTA School of Culinary Art provided
the space for Chefs with Compassion to grow. Generous funding was
allocated by the South African Chefs Association to provide the boost
needed, and in its fifth week, Chefs with Compassion grew production
by 212,2%, from nine kitchens to 22, and from 11 749 meals to 36 681
meals in a single week. The restaurant pioneer who began the wave,
Thava Indian Restaurant, is today producing 1 500 meals a day.

The concept behind Chefs with Compassion is a simple one – to rescue
produce, provide it to compassionate chefs and kitchens, and connect
them with beneficiary organisations. The logistics behind it are more
complex and, with the need growing daily, requires the intervention of
an expanding network of volunteers.

The journey starts with a team of passionate food waste warriors from
NOSH Food Rescue, through their relationship with farmers, retailers
and  produce agents at the market, rescuing a portion of the produce
which would otherwise have been discarded and destroyed at the market.
From there it is transported to the warehouse, where another team of
volunteers sorts the true waste from what can utilised to feed people
who would otherwise go hungry. Says van Linge, “The supply of rescued
produce is, by nature, unpredictable and subject to demand by buyers
and the discretion of the agents who provide us with the surplus. This
means that, for example, last week we received close to
1 700 tonnes of lettuce. You’d be surprised what creative chefs can
concoct out of a few lettuces.”

In Week 7 of Chefs with Compassion, between 18 and 24 May, 24 112
tonnes of rescued produce was sent to 30 kitchen hubs run by
compassionate owners, where volunteer chefs produced 42 220 meals.
Nothing goes to waste as any produce that can’t be salvaged is given
to pig farmers. And stories of compassion and success abound – in Week
6, Chefs Carol Osuigwe and Jeanette Maseko began cooking for
beneficiaries in the East Rand, anticipating that they would prepare
300 meals per day each. Through their network of community kitchens
and their own catering operations they have collectively managed to
serve over 12 000 meals in the last two weeks.

In Johannesburg, the chefs, kitchens and restaurants preparing meals
as hubs in the Chefs with Compassion initiative are Alra Park
Community Forum, Bizza’s Liestyle, Bun’s Out, Busisiwe – B TwalaB,
Carol Osuigwe, Chef Mahlamola Thamae, Chef Pinky Maruping and Tebogo
Ramatsui of Unilever Food Solutions, Chef Raynor Damons, Chef Citrum
Khumalo, Disoufeng Pub, Ejardini, Hospitality Cares, Jackson’s Real
Food Market, Jeanette Osuigwe, Chef Lance Williamson, Love Me So, Love
Me So, Perron, Saigon Suzy, Swiss Hotel School, Taste-Buds Cooking
Club, Thathimvuyo Caterers, Thava Indian Restaurant, The Curry Boss,
The Local Grill, The Noble, and V8 Roadhouse.

Next stop for Chefs with Compassion: Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and
Bloemfontein, followed shortly by Vereeniging, Makopane, Potchefstroom
and Port Elizabeth. Says Coovashan Pillay, National Project Manager
for Chefs with Compassion, “Our need in these areas is for food waste
warriors to champion the rescue of produce from the markets and
farmers, a warehouse facility where produce can be sorted and
dispatched to kitchen hubs, and volunteers in the form of chefs to
cook in the hubs and hands to fulfill the warehouse- and sorting

Nationally, Chefs with Compassion’s greatest need is for four-tonne
trucks to transport the produce from the markets to the warehouses and
to collection donations of staple ingredients. In Johannesburg alone,
the cost for a vehicle to do the market run five days a week is around
R5 000. “Our funding will quickly run out without the vehicles to make
the entire chain work, and we’re calling on logistics companies, truck
rental companies, and suppliers who have vehicles that are currently
not being used to assist us in ensuring the sustainability of this
initiative,” says Chef Coo.

Donations can be made via Zapper or EFT and corporate donations
qualify for a Section 18A certificate. For more information and to
make a contribution go to [1], or email



“Good evening☺️today we served 108 elders at Soweto Old Age home and
56 at home ko Dube ☺️??thank you so much Disoufeng and Chefs with
Compassion” – Heavenly Pearls, Soweto (meals prepared by Chef Tebogo
of Disoufeng Pub)

“Shalom, thanx for nice meals. People are truly enjoying them and
relieves them from questions like what am I going to eat!!! May God
bless all our sponsors” – Pastor Allan, Be Blessed Christian Church
(receiving meals from Carol Osuigwe)

“Good evening. Thank you Chef for the delicious meal. It received
raving reviews by our customers ??????” – Bongani, Sandwich
Angels, Soweto (meals prepared by Chef Mahlamola

“Kopano ya Dikereke tsa Mapostola leratong La Modimo le jesu kreste
like to thank you and your team for everything (15 vegetable packs, 7
tray eggs, 3 box of muffins, 50 packs of food, 50 cups of soup with
bread/scones. More than 500 people manage to get and 15 families
manage to cook for two days. Our Organisation like to thank Chefs with
Compassion for the food. Let’s keep on doing good job. We have 12
churches under our organization. Under one umbrella. God bless us
all.” Pastor Fusi Radebe, Daveyton (receiving meals from Carol

“Service in Motion says thank you to you, the Nosh Food Rescue NPC
team, Chefs with Compassion and the Thava Indian Restaurant chefs for
affording SIM the opportunity to feed today in Waterval Newlands
Johannesburg on 26.5.2020 . SIM was able to feed 156 meals of veg with
rice. Many children and adults enjoyed the tasty meal prepared. It is
awesome to share the blessing with the many hungry people on this cold
day. God bless the hard work and effort of everyone who is adding
value to our people.” Service in Motion (receiving meals from Thava)



_Kopano ya Dikereke_

_Kopano ya Dikereke_

_Sandwich Angels_

_Sandwich Angels_

_Sandwich Angels_

_Be Blessed Christian Church_


_Service in Motion, Westbury_

_Gospel Truth Christian Family Church_

_Meal produced by Chef Mahlamola _




CHEFS WITH COMPASSION is a registered Not For Profit company, founded
in 2020 in response to the humanitarian crisis brought about by the
COVID-19 pandemic. It is an initiative based on a collaboration
between organisations and individuals whose greatest wish is to
alleviate the hunger and suffering of South Africa, taking surplus
rescued produce and connecting chefs, kitchens, beneficiaries and
supporters in cities and towns around South Africa.

Chefs with Compassion’s founding partners are NOSH Food Rescue NPC
(NOSH), the South African Chefs Association (SA Chefs), Slow Food
International, the Slow Food Chefs Alliance SA, and Strategic Public

Long after the COVID-19 crisis ends, Chefs with Compassion will
continue its vision of transforming surplus rescued produce into
nourishing meals through the compassion of chefs. The long-term vision
underpinning Chefs with Compassion is to streamline and entrench the
model so that it runs post-Corona and inspires other industries to
follow suit.


NOSH FOOD RESCUE NPC (NOSH) is a non-profit social enterprise which
aims to reduce food insecurity by diverting and repurposing prepared
and perishable surplus food that is still wholesome and nutritious and
redistributing it to a widening network of soup kitchens, shelters and
feeding schemes. In our 6 years of operation, we’ve come to understand
the vital role that the restaurant industry plays in our food systems.
In a country like South Africa that is marked by both a high-calibre
hospitality sector and extreme hunger, we have to find innovative ways
to work together and find real solutions to our social plights

NOSH has provided over 50 000 meals to soup kitchens and feeding
schemes over the past five years, and, through the Kitchens with
Compassion initiative, provided over 31 000 meals to vulnerable
communities in just five weeks since the start of lockdown.


SA Chefs is a non-profit industry body, founded more than 44 years
ago, that represents the interests of chefs, cooks and caterers at all
levels, with a focus on skills development, the celebration of
culinary professionals and transforming the industry. SA Chefs aims to
have a significant impact on the careers of the chefs with whom we
share the knowledge that our members have acquired through
international food promotions, competitions, workshops, educational
conferences and various other learning experiences. To date we have
over 9600 members that include catering and hotel company directors,
restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, culinary educators, apprentices and
trainees who can be found in every type of catering field.


Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, founded in 1989 to
prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions,
counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling
interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how our food
choices affect the world around us.

Chefs Alliance South Africa is part of the international network of
Chefs Alliance of Slow Food. Over one thousand active chefs from
around the world form a network community of chefs cooking good, clean
& fair food for all promoting biodiversity. The founding co-ordinator
is Arnold Tanzer.