Be a good food champion for charity this World Nutrition Month

SPAR steps up to the plate, joining hands with customers to feed the nation

While COVID-19 is still an ever-present threat to our health and wellbeing, that’s not the only battle our nation is facing. South Africans suffer with many dietary and lifestyle-related diseases, like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, as well as the very real issue of malnourishment due to poverty. During National Nutrition Week 2021 (from the 9th to the 15th of October), we’re being encouraged to eat more vegetables and fruit every day to stay healthy, but with so many families living below the breadline, access to fresh fruit and vegetables is not always possible.

Bhavna Sanker, SPAR BRAND Promotions and Advertising Manager says, “SPAR has a culture of caring - we’re not in the grocery business, we’re in the people business. Our customers are part of our SPAR family and family deserve the best, so that’s why we’ve stepped up to the plate this National Nutrition Week with our ‘One 4 You, One 4 Me’ campaign. During October, customers can purchase any two SPAR Mageu 1L products for just R22, and then pop one carton into the trolley at the front of every store. At the end of the campaign, stores will give all donated stock to local charities in need of this nutritious product. In addition, SPAR will donate R1.50 for every carton sold during this campaign period to Operation Hunger.”

Of all the grocery products to choose from, why did SPAR select Mageu for this campaign? Sanker says, “Quite simply, it’s a ready-to-drink maize beverage (a drinkable porridge) that’s nut, soya and egg-free, making it a good option for anyone with food allergies. It can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled, and the variety of minerals (electrolytic iron and zinc oxide) and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9) contained in the product make it really nutritious. Being very low in sodium, with no artificial sweeteners, it’s a healthy source of energy.”

SPAR Mageu is available in SPAR stores nationwide, in the chilled beverage department. It’s available in 500ml, 1L and 2L sizes, in the following varieties: Amabele (sorghum); Pineapple; Banana; Creamy; and Strawberry.

“SPAR strives to do good every day, and our ‘One 4 You, One for Me’ campaign is just one of the many ways we are joining hands with our customers to impact those most in need, right on our doorsteps. Please join us in making a difference in our communities!” Sanker concludes.