Bedfordview Dental Care

At Bedfordview Dental Care, our mission is to provide friendly, high-quality patient care in a comfortable setting while educating the patient to establish and maintain optimum oral health, whilst building relationships both in and out of the chair. Our practice is designed around the zen concept, both in sights, sounds and visualisations to calm and relax our patients before and after any treatment. At Bedfordview Dental Care we are all for the latest technology and digital workflows to give you a seamless, modern dentistry experience in the heart of the East Rand.

We pride ourselves on a collection of cutting-edge equipment to provide the most accurate diagnostic results and clinical procedures in the business. From intra-oral scanning, X-rays, and digital design, we have it all!

Based in St Andrews, we provide a range of treatments tailored exactly to the needs of every member of the family. Our services include routine check-ups and oral hygiene maintenance, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, implant placement and paediatric dentistry.

From professional in-chair and lab grade take home whitening kits, to bespoke, custom-made crowns and implants, let us create a smile you’ll be proud of.  We have the skills and technology to give you a positive modern cosmetic dentistry solution.

We also offer Active Aligners which are the clear alternative to traditional braces, the virtually unnoticeable way to improve your smile while still being allowed to eat the foods you want and maintain great oral hygiene.

Also known as clear aligner braces, Active Aligners are custom trays worn in sequence that move your teeth in stages. Think “invisible braces”. They work by gradually shifting teeth into their optimal position.

When it comes to kids, can we say, they love us. At Bedfordview Dental Care, the problem is not getting kids to come to the dentist, it’s getting them to go home!

We are firm believers of making the dental experience fun, engaging and informative for our little patients to ensure that they love coming to the dentist, and as a result, love looking after their teeth. We offer various sedation options to make any dental procedures as calm as possible.

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Name of Business: Bedfordview Dental Care
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