Boardwalk addresses gender-based violence with talk by Father A Nation

Non-profit nation building organisation Father A Nation (FAN) addressed Boardwalk hotel and casino employees in Gqeberha on how they could join their mission to raise the next generation of men to build a safe and prosperous South Africa.

Craig Wilkinson, founder of Father of the Nation, facilitated a conversation for over 100 Boardwalk staff around gender-based violence, and a frank discussion about how men can be equipped to be nation-builders, fathers and role models, was had.


“Boardwalk is passionate about raising awareness around issues that are taboo to talk about,” said Tati Tsunke, Boardwalk hotel and casino General Manager.


FAN addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping men to be nation-builders, fathers and role models. “We teach men to use their strength to love, serve, protect and provide and to be activists against any form of abuse. We believe that there is no greater nation building imperative for our nation than the restoration of men.”

Tsunke said the question and answer session was informative and honest, and that Boardwalk staff ended off the event by taking a pledge “toward ending GBV and doing what we can to raise awareness”.