Carina Avenant Audiologists Inc.

A wise lady once said: …blindness separate us from things, deafness separates us from people…

Since childhood, Carina Avenant’s love of science and general affection for people has gradually steered her in to the field of audiology. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Pretoria, cum laude, and after an eight year lecturing post at both the University of Pretoria and Limpopo, she decided to try her hand at private practice. From humble beginnings, her early start-up soon grew to the thriving practice of today and is based in the Medforum Mediclinic (Pretoria) where she is actively involved in the prevention, screening, identification, assessment and treatment of auditory

Her energetic approach in the prevention of auditory disorders is not just limited to the administration of the odd noise- and swim plug; she’s ceaselessly involved in community service at schools and retirement villages. Screening and identification of possible auditory disorders are critical in infants and both come about in the hospital’s labour ward as well as Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, with great success. From new-born to the workforce, state of the art equipment such as the KuduWAVE™ audiometer, is employed in such diverse fields as industrial screening, ensuring improved quality of life for all.

Partnering and working close with some of the best health care professionals, locally and abroad; she has honed her skills and established herself as one of the best diagnostic audiologists in the field. Utilising the cutting edge of available technology, tests can be performed at the bedside of a critically ill patient with the same ease as in her office. A critical ability when a seriously ill patient’s hearing needs to be monitored at the bedside.

The practice specialises in a broad spectrum of hearing aids and other technological means of improving quality of life and hearing. From generally improved communication abilities to being wirelessly connected to modern mobile phones and other devices, this exciting and ever evolving field gives hope and relief to many, no matter what the challenge may be. At the centre of all this is Carina Avenant Audiologists, where audiology is a passion and where we feel privileged to be one of the industry leaders in the field.

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