Chris and Suzanne Styles


  1. THINKING that everyone else seems to be moving forward, prospering and achieving yet you’re not; that life is BEING unfair to you never giving you what you WANT?
  2. THINKING that nothing ever works out the way you’d WANTED it to and that because of this you must be DOING something horribly wrong?
  3. THINKING that the income and lifestyle which you WANT to enjoy is beyond you and that try as you may, BELIEVING that it can still happen for you, is just a pipedream?
  4. FEELING frustrated because you WANT your career to go places but it’s just not happening fast enough for you?
  5. FEELING trapped because you WANT to run your own business yet fear of the unknown is always holding you back?
  6. FEELING irritated by your overall performance results which are just not good enough to give you what you really WANT?
  7. WANTING to reinvent yourself so that you stand out from the crowd and are more in-demand and increasingly marketable too?
  8. WANTING to learn the Success Strategies the ultra-rich and super-successful use daily to make it actually happen for them?
  9. WANTING to get crystal clear on WHO YOU REALLY ARE [Your True Executive Centre] and WHAT YOU ARDENTLY DESIRE to experience [Your Most Purposeful Endeavour]?

Chris and Suzanne Styles’ flagship Success Strategy 2 part book and 52 week programme BEING+DOING+Believing=HAVING™ shifts you beyond really WANTING something to actually HAVING it!

IT’S A NEW WAY For WOMEN will guide you and every other woman, step by step, onward and upward to more prosperity, success and general wellbeing. Chris and Suzanne’s success strategy teachings have been featured prominently on 30+ TV, print, radio and on-line media channels.

“Given their highest values it is no surprise to me that Chris and Suzanne have created IT’S A NEW WAY For WOMEN, a wonderfully practical book which, as the Sub-Title states, will help with “Shifting you from really wanting it to actually having it.” Their teachings around poverty consciousness, wealth consciousness and manifested consciousness will open your eyes and make you much more aware of who you are BEING, what you are DOING and what you are BELIEVING and why these will always deliver the results and experiences you are HAVING.” Dr John Demartini [extract from his foreword].