Copper Fresh masks; a first in Africa

As if a global pandemic wasn't enough to stress about... now we have mascne and other skin irritations associated with covering our skin up 24/7. Finally, though there's some good news in the fight against Covid-19 as Copper Fresh smart masks hit SA shelves.

The secret behind these self-cleaning masks is the same reason they sport a pink hue and it’s all thanks to the copper component, working around the clock to ward off and de-activate viruses, disease and bacteria - killing 99.9% of pathogens in 5 minutes.

Other than the cutting-edge technology behind these masks, Copper Fresh boasts potent anti-microbial efficiency with no washing required. A single Copper-Oxide Mask usage replaces dozens of regular masks, further reducing expenses and preventing environmental pollution!

For all those currently battling breakouts, or 'mascne' ( mask acne), an unfortunate side effect of mask-wearing, some good news now comes in boxes of 3 or 5. Our CopperFresh pink promise not only extends to better breathability and daily comfort during usage but copper, a component of each mask, has been proven to have a positive impact on the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, facial skin lifting, and skin brightness.

"Where possible, try avoid wearing makeup in the areas that the mask covers and remember the importance of a regular and consistent skincare routine during Covid-19. Wash your face before and after wearing a mask and make sure your facial cleanser is effective in removing oil, without stripping your skin of it's moisture layer and natural defense to the elements. Salicylic acid can be vital in helping remove dead skin cells and avoiding clogged pores, build up which further promote breakouts." 

Masks are now our first line of prevention and are undoubtedly changing the way we live, work and travel. Make sure you and your skin are fully protected and sporting pink!

Find out more about the skin benefits of these smart masks, as well as the research behind them and order yours now!'