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The services that I offer through Cor Coaching focuses on the process of becoming - whether in one-on-one coaching, online self-led development or through group facilitation and training contexts. This process of becoming applies to various outcomes for a diverse set of clients from different contexts. Some examples I have enjoyed working with so far - becoming a better leader in a business, whether it is leading with courage, strategizing and making decisions with clarity or driving a vision of success while inspiring employees, clients and even the industry at large. Becoming confident and motivated in a work or entrepreneurial environment - such as improving work performance and generating better results in sales or in KPI's, or in coping with the shift to self-employment in a way can be self-generating instead of isolating. Other focus areas have been in adults making career shifts or dealing with burnout, in graduates and students in becoming resilient and in finding ways to cope with the stress of studies or the pressures of finding employment, as well as in teenagers as they develop their sense of identity in themselves and the possible directions they want to go in life.
The short course series I have developed is an online self-led learning channel called the Becoming Series. These short courses offer a simple and affordable starting point for self-development through short packaged courses that can be enroled in at any time for a full month's access to do a 15-day course. Following an integral approach to development, the modules offer a sequence of activities to enhance performance, stress management, emotional maturity and self-awareness.
Coming from a previous background in marketing on an executive management level, presentations, pitching, staff training and team building were a regular part of the job. With the coaching stance, I apply this to group training and facilitation contexts that supports the group's individual and collective development - whether on stress management tools, confident communication, showing up in various relational dynamics and other related topics.
I look forward to being of service to you.

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