Create Those Powerful Journaling Questions to Ensure an Incredible Launch


1. What do I choose to create over the next X weeks? (Set a powerful intention. You can make it super specific (numbers, etc) or non-specific, but definitely include how will you feel when you complete an incredible launch.)
2. What is the best way to serve my clients and fulfil this intention?
3. Who is this program for?
4. What is the ‘oh-shit-point’ of my ideal client? (Their emotional monologue.)
5. What qualities and characteristics does my client need to have in order to benefit from my program fully?
6. What qualities and characteristics my ideal clients cannot have as it would not allow them to reap the full value from my program?
7. Write 3 testimonials from FUTURE clients who took your program and benefited tremendously.
8. What are all the emotional, financial, spiritual benefits my clients can reap from my program?
9. What’s the best result my clients can get?
10. Why can I fully own and communicate this biggest result to my clients?
11. What are my program’s features and how they help clients to get transformation / results they desire?
12. Why can I deliver this program with joy and ease? (7 or more reasons)
13. How is my program a bridge between where my client is now and where they want to be?
14. Why am I the best coach / service provider for my ideal clients to help them overcome their burning problem and achieve what they desire? (7 or more reasons)
15. Why is my program the best solution for my clients, amongst all other programs out there?
16. Why my clients CAN, and WILL achieve incredible results by investing in this program?
17. How is my program different to other similar programs? How am I different?
18. In what ways am I a perfect embodiment of what I offer?
19. How does my story relate to the program I offer? How did I overcome the problems my ideal clients are seeking to solve?
20. Do I have previous testimonials about this program /my work?
21. How much do my ideal clients need to invest in order to guarantee their full participation so that they can get incredible results?
22. Why is this price point a no-brainer?


23. What am I grateful for today? (Really allow yourself to feel each ‘reason’!)
24. What is the evidence (tangible and intangible) that everything is working in my favor?
25. What gives me joy?
26. How can I allow myself to feel more joy today?
27. How will I feel when I finish my incredibly successful launch and start working with my clients?
28. How can I allow myself to feel more of this TODAY?
29. Why am I deeply supported?
30. How can I allow myself to feel even more supported?
31. Why can’t I literally fail?
32. If I can create anything, what do I choose to create today?
33. How strongly (from 0-10) do I believe I can sell this program out with ease? (If less then 10, work with every piece of resistance that comes up.)
34. If ideal clients are called to do my program, but it’s not the best time for them right now, how can I assure them?
35. If ideal clients are called to do my program, but they feel they cannot afford it right now, how can I assure them?
36. If ideal clients are called to do my program but are scared they won’t make it work, how can I assure them?
37. Why is it ok to own my success?
38. Why do I deserve to be outrageously successful?
39. What difference will my sold out launch make to my clients? My family? Me? The world?
40. Why is it ok to allow me to be in perfect alignment and flow, and TRUST, right now?

Written by Lenka Lutonska of Lenka Lutonska – growth coach