A Day at Steenberg

Value. Tranquility. Decadence.
These are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Steenberg. We recently
had the privilege of visiting this stately farm and oh what an absolute treat it was. Not only
is Steenberg the oldest farm in the Western Cape, it is one of the most beautiful as well!
Steenberg is unique for many reasons but I think what struck me most was that it has all
the opulence you would expect from a 5 star, global player in luxury but somehow, it
manages to still make you feel totally at home and welcome. It is peaceful, beautiful, not
over-crowded, not trying too hard and of course, a maverick in what they choose to
highlight - this in reference to the buildings which are synonymous in the original

My family and I enjoyed farm-fresh and absolutely divine Alfresco picnic. At this point in
our lives, we love picnicking as we have an almost 6-month-old so you can imagine we do
a lot of quick on-the-go meals. The picnic turned out to be perfect for us as we were able
to enjoy delicious 5-star gourmet meals on the lawns at total leisure and at our own pace.
The Alfresco box really surprised me at how delicious and unique the meals were. The
food was really well thought out, tantalizing and different. I appreciate food and love
trying new things so I was surprised when we opened up our box and some real gems
revealed themselves. I won’t give any of the goods away as you really do need to try this
one yourself but what I will say is that we received a five-course gourmet meal priced as a
picnic from Tryn restaurant.

In your picnic box, you can look forward to treats locally sourced and all made on the farm
(including the butter, I mean who does not love home-made butter). I loved that extra
thought was put into things like our beautiful freshly baked rosemary bread which was
pre-cut making it super easy to share and enjoy. A menu was attached to our box which
made it feel like we were savouring our experience just a little bit longer and gave us the
opportunity to enjoy each meal for what it was. All items were individually labeled and
wrapped which was really reassuring, especially considering covid.
On the whole, the flavours were absolutely lovely, our box ready and waiting, the grounds
inviting which all complimented this beautiful experience.
We received outstanding service from all the staff. The estate was of course immaculate
and views, well… they are worth the journey! We felt truly spoilt and really had a superb
A day out at Steenberg is honestly just the thing we all need to connect with nature, our
tastebuds, and loved ones! You can do this at one of the farm's restaurants, spa, hotel or
picnics. Don’t forget, wine tasting is a must!
Thank you for having us, we will definitely be back!