Decoding What Wine Lovers Want

As the 7th largest wine producer in the world, the South African wine industry is pressed to stay in the front of the pack in terms of technology, production, product excellence and marketing.

Indeed, a focal point in effective marketing is building a relationship with this industry’s target audience; the oenophile. Those who are passionate about wines are invariably thirsty for knowledge: about the vineyard, the vintage, other varieties available, and successful food pairings. Vintners, viticulturists and wine marketers alike value feedback on clients’ perception of the wines tasted.

One of the most effective ways of successfully engaging with this audience of connoisseurs is by using a QR Code (Quick Response Code), an example of which is displayed in the attached image. Codes are usually printed on neck tags or on the bottle label, and serve as the key to unlocking what customers really think of your product, when they complete a quick survey upon scanning the code with their smartphones, or by visiting a unique website. Real-time survey and feedback specialists, Surveway, have seen excellent response rates for clients who combine a reward such as a product discount or free wine tasting, linked to their QR Code. Surveway clients are also provided with regular feedback, with any negative responses instantly communicated to client via SMS.

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