Delheim Estate – 13 May 2017

With the nip of winter in the air, trying to find something to enrich your senses can seem a bit of a daunting task. We are all looking for that special something to remind ourselves that winter in the Cape comes with its own special pleasures. Think of toasty fires, endless cups of hot chocolate and the like. However, we do not have to stay cooped up at home like bears in hibernation for the next three months. A recent visit to Delheim wine estate proved just that.

The farm itself is vibrating with beautiful autumn colours, which as it turns out, matched the  colours of the food we were served, but I will get to that part. It is a stunning location nested behind an array of lush pine trees, a beautiful assortment of flowers and of course the vineyards. The restaurant and cellar fit in perfectly as to allow the estate to truly shine.

We were welcomed graciously by the restaurant manager who showed us to our seats, we certainly had the best table available outside as Table Mountain stood clearly and boldly on the horizon, what an unexpected surprise. We soon met our waiter who was friendly and shortly thereafter we were served with some bread to start.

The Cape Malay menu is a three course meal, it is truly a lovely outing for the whole day where you can eat, relax and if you allow yourself, go on a bit of a cultural journey. Starters arrived and what a lovely arrival it was, there was nothing boring about it. There was a variety of great favorites for everyone including samoosas, half -moons, pickled fish and achar. You do not have to be an adventurous eater to absolutely fall in love with the flavours. There is sweet, there is savoury, there is even a small hint of sour but all in a good way. A true indication of flavour combinations complimenting each other in the best way possible. After we had enough time to get excited for what was to come next, mains were served.

It was very much a “ta- da” moment as the huge platter steaming hot and waffling with flavour was lowered down before us. If you can resist and before delving in, take a few seconds to appreciate the beautiful aromas and think of those first cooks who initially came up with these recipes and served these dishes to their nearest loved ones in their homes. What a beautiful thought before enjoying the delicious Cape Malay dishes prepared at Delheim who have paid true respect to these traditional Cape Malay home-made dishes.

Of course being on a wine farm it goes without saying that having at least one of the estates delicious wines is a must. You will not be disappointed, try it for yourself.

We carried on enjoying the view, listening to the calming water feature in the background and taking in the nature around us. To wrap up our meal we were served traditional Koeksusters and boeber, a first for me and was absolutely marvelous. I don’t want to give too much away but the way to describe it is to say it tastes like grandmas hugs. It is everything you want in a winter dessert, warm, hint of spice, soft and has all things nice.

You will not be disappointed visiting Delheim for their sensational Cape Malay menu offering this winter. A treat to all the senses, for all palates and has that special extra touch of love.