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Renegotiating Trauma

Trauma destabalises one, steals the joy, hope and any sense of peace that one may have had. Trauma disconnects us from ourselves and the world around us. Trauma is a fact of life but, it need not be a life sentence. Trauma also has the energy to be one of the most profound forces to enable a metamorphosis in a way that nothing else can. Whether psychologically, spiritually or socially, trauma can usher in a profound shift.

The most common forms of trauma include car accidents, witnessing violence, being a victim of violence, serious illness, injury, surgeries, natural disasters or the loss of a loved one. Trauma is a vast topic covered by subjects from psychology, physiology, philosophy, mythology and the arts. This indicates the scope of Trauma, as a field of study and interest, and the complex relationship with humankind since the beginning of time.

My message, as a Counselling Psychologist and Narrative Therapist, is that it is not only possible to heal after trauma, but with the right therapeutic support and guidance, it can be a transformative process. I am informed by a body-oriented psychotherapy approach which is based on the idea that our bodies have an innate ability to heal and re-set after trauma. Traumas leave interesting stories, accumulated in our bodies. Guided by Narrative ethics, the process is to gently renegotiate the painful wounds left by trauma by encouraging a healing response in the body, mind and spirit.

Each person is unique. Therefore, any therapy, whether for Trauma, Couple’s therapy or Family therapy, is informed by the guiding principle of engaging in a gentle and respectful way in order to inspire healing from within, specific to each individual seeking support and assistance. I am always honoured to be invited along for the healing-journey as every story is one of survival and potential. The human spirit never ceases to amaze and inspire. There is so much possibility.

These words of Peter Levine resonate deeply with me “I am grateful for this unique opportunity to learn, and for the privilege of witnessing and participating in the profound metamorphosis that the healing of trauma can bring about.”

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