Grow Box that will help budding growers get started this Christmas

In an industry that continues to attract significant amounts of media and legislative attention, we see the launch of The Crafted Leaf’s Grow Box – an organic growing kit that comes with detailed growing instructions and expert advice to optimally guide you through your grow.

The Grow Box (which excludes the seeds), is NOW available online for ONLY R1, 999.00 and is the first of a series of products The Crafted Leaf plan to launch in the next few months.
The online platform also offers a series of expert growing guides, videos and advice spanning everything from the type of medium used to start your grow, to setting up your own grow room.

What’s all in the Grow Box?
“A box with everything you will need to help you with your grow – from a pH pen to Biochar. We have gone through the process of sourcing all the best quality elements you’ll need, in the correct quantities AND can offer you step-by-step, detailed guides to cultivate your first grow. Whether you’re a first-timer or have tried growing before – the way we craft will guarantee to teach you and offer you a growing experience that’s engaging and fun!”
In the box:
• 1x HM Digital PH-80 Hydro Tester
• 3 x Crafted Leaf Grow Bags
• 1 x 30 litre Substrate Solution
• 1 x Coco Brick
• 1 x Perlite Pack
• 1 x Amendment pack
• 120ml Em1 solution
• 1 x Bokashi sachet
• 1 x Calcium Nitrate sachet
• 1 x Biochar sachet
• 1 x Mycorrhizal Fungi sachet
• 1 x Alfalfa Mulch Pack
• 1 x 1l Measuring Jug
• 3 x Jiffy Propagation pots
• 3 x Peat pellets
• 200ml Ph UP
• 200ml PH DOWN
• 250ml Kelpak™
• 3 x 3mml Pipettes
• 1x Jeweller’s Loupe
• 3 x Plant labels

For more information on The Crafted Leaf, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram pages