Enslin Consulting

Maryke Enslin is the owner and founder of Enslin Consulting. She has been a partner in Enslin & Associates Chartered Accountants for the past 14 years since March 2001 where she performed the attest function. Audit and advisory has always been her passion and as an entrepreneur, she understands the challenges of successfully running your own business.

Over the years, she was very involved in the implementation of systems and controls for corporates as well as reporting back to management on the working of these controls subsequent to implementation. She has also been involved in the writing of Policy- and Procedure Guidelines for these entities.

Through her business coaching she offers consulting to business owners, taking those who are successful to the next level and advising those who are struggling through challenges by being actively involved in the day-to-day activities, teaching about cashflow-, debtor recovery, sensitivity analysis, stock control and managing personnel (life coach).

She also attained three years’ knowledge and experience of credit control- and banking systems as credit manager at Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank with a significant corporate portfolio. Her responsibilities included debt structuring and financing, evaluating of credit applications, evaluating ratios as a business analyst and monitoring of loan agreement terms through a thorough knowledge of Insolvency law.