Expert podcasters set to share free business advice online

Making the Firstwatch Entrepreneur’s Challenge 2021 even more inclusive, Firstwatch has launched its Entrepreneurship Podcast Series, which can now be viewed on the Firstwatch Whisky YouTube Channel. The series makes valuable business insights - from leading South African businesspeople - available to all entrepreneurs and business-minded people countrywide, courtesy of Firstwatch Ambassadors from various South African provinces, along with competition judges and facilitators. Each podcaster is a leader in their field.

The podcast series provides additional and valuable information that is aimed at making a continued impact, accessible to even those who won’t get to attend the workshops included in the challenge. The information will benefit everyday entrepreneurs, allowing them to draw insight from Firstwatch’s entrepreneurially rich network.

The Firstwatch Entrepreneur’s Challenge 2021 will give away R50 000 in cash along with business support to one lucky entrepreneur. From the entries, 160 hand-picked entrepreneurs will join an intensive two-day skills development workshop, which culminates in the top 10 pitching their businesses to the panel for a chance to win the grand prize.

These podcast sessions are a fitting build-up to the workshop modules on topics that include Passion and Purpose, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Leadership and Pitching.

Simo Nzama, KZN Ambassador, professional MC, social entrepreneur and Founder/Chairperson of the Seemorepossibilities Foundation, comes into the Firstwatch Entrepreneurial Challenge with a highly specialised skillset and a history of social activism.

He has made a career of imparting knowledge in an entertaining and receptive way, engaging in township leadership seminars aimed at revitalising and shaping community leaders for social cohesion, and has been at the helm of several township revitalisation and rebranding initiatives.

Simo says, “Confidence in business is a challenge for many young African entrepreneurs. Presenting a business the right way – and with confidence – is a valuable skill that can take any business to the next level. This is one of the key skills I hope to impart in my podcast.

Lonwabo Rani, the Eastern Cape Ambassador and Director at Silulo Ulutho Technologies and his brother Luvuyo had their beginnings as a small information and communication technologies (ICT) business in 2004 – initially operating out of their car boot in Khayelitsha. Today, Silulo Ulutho Technologies has 48 stores, 21 franchises and 250 employees throughout the country, making a difference through job creation and access to technology.

Lonwabo’s vision is centred around creating access to people who would not traditionally have ease of access. In his podcast series, he will be sharing tips on how to build a community-centred business from the ground up.

Mpho Mohaswa, Gauteng Ambassador and Co-founder of Precious & Pearl Brands. Mpho, in particular, has a special place in her heart for the Firstwatch Entrepreneurial Challenge as she was the 2019 winner.

Mpho’s involvement in the Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge podcast series will see her sharing first-hand knowledge about her personal experience as a winner in the Firstwatch Challenge – definitely one the contenders should watch.

Mpho strongly believes in giving back to the community. “A lot of people have faced financial and business challenges because of COVID-19 and I am proud to be a part of giving other entrepreneurs the same opportunity that helped me grow my business. The challenge is an accolade that proves your business is really going somewhere and I can’t wait to see this year’s entrepreneurs in action,” says Mpho.

At just 30 years old, Bheki Kunene, the Western Cape Ambassador and Director at digital media agency MindTrix Media ,has had great success in his business. A decade ago, Bheki founded his company with just R600. MindTrix Media has since gone global, with Bheki being featured on the cover of Forbes Africa, listed as one of Africa’s future billionaires.

Bheki adds, “My main area of focus in the podcast series will be sales and marketing for small businesses. I will be sharing my business journey and, among other things, discussing the challenges I have faced along the way. I hope to talk about some of the issues that are often not spoken about in entrepreneurship.”

The official Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge judges and facilitators taking part in the series are:

Musa Kalenga – an established branding expert and speaker, with a wealth of experience establishing industry standards, conducting research and providing legal support for the online advertising industry.

In his contribution to the podcast series, Musa will be helping viewers understand how entrepreneurs can use technology and digital tools to grow their business and offer brief insight into how they can capitalise on the fourth Industrial revolution, with particular reference to the rewards for harnessing digital and technological tools.

Second in our line-up is Buchule Sibaca – CEO of digital accounting and tax firm, SMTAX, which helps business owners with online business registrations, tax submissions and all accounting related forms.

Buchule will be covering the topic of finance and funding, which can mean the difference between a successful business and one that fails.

Buchule says, “As an entrepreneur serious about raising capital, one should know how to manage your own money. If you don’t know how to manage your own money, you can’t be serious about managing someone else’s money. That’s why a good understanding of finance and business accounting is important”.

Last but certainly not least we have Karin Krause Wessels – the Managing Director for Edward Snell & Co. the largest independently owned Spirits company in SA and home of Firstwatch Whisky. She will be drawing on her extensive leadership experience to help viewers understand what it takes to be a great business leader, focusing on how to motivate staff, customers and suppliers, compassion and understanding in the workplace and some of the key skills needed to lead your business and the people in your sphere of influence. Karin speaks from the heart in this episode, sharing a people centric approach to leadership.

Watch the podcast series on the Firstwatch Whisky YouTube Channel now.

The countdown to the crowning of the 2021 Firstwatch Entrepreneur’s Challenge Winner is on. Firstwatch wishes all the future business leaders competing for the title the best of luck. May every part of the journey be rewarding. Firstwatch – First for Everyday Entrepreneurs. First for Reward.

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