I am a registered Chartered Accountant with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. The first decade after qualifying was spent gaining experience in large corporate businesses. After longing for a new challenge, I recognized the exciting opportunities that technology was opening up in the accounting field. As the daughter and wife of entrepreneurs, I understand the challenges faced by small and medium business and the support that they need. With the emergence of cloud accounting technologies, I realised that the face of accounting is changing and I wanted to be part of that movement.

FTwelve is a bookkeeping and accounting services company offering small and medium businesses administrative and accounting support using cloud technologies. It was borne from a need to escape the corporate sector, however, having been exposed to an entrepreneurial background within my family, it was not unexpected for me to start my own business. Driven by the desire to provide small and medium businesses with the necessary accounting tools to grow their business to the next level, we are an outsourced cloud-based accounting company committed to solving the challenges many small and medium business owners face. We use innovative cloud-based accounting technologies to provide real-time and relevant information, as a SAICA registered firm we provide quality outsourced accounting services to our clients.

I started my entrepreneurial journey before FTwelve - whilst working in the corporate world I helped small businesses and entrepreneurs on a part-time basis - but FTwelve allowed me to pursue my entrepreneurship on a full-time basis for about two-and-a-half years, and still. Every day is different with new challenges stretching you. As much as I help my clients, they too help me to grow as a service provider and entrepreneur. What sets FTwelve apart is our customer focus and empathy. We try as much as possible to understand the fears and anxieties of our clients to help them move forward with peace of mind. We want our clients to focus their energy on growing their business instead of worrying about documents, submissions and administration.

Name of Owner: Charmel Fleming
Name of Business: FTwelve
Auckland Park, Johannesburg
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