Healing From Loss

Healing from Loss is taking a personal approach in emotional therapy and healing for couples that have faced pregnancy loss. Rebekah Clark has discovered a personal journey that will enable couples to discover their true potential as individuals as well as together.

This new transformational approach offers an exclusive coaching for couples who are looking for closure and healing on the loss they have faced. It is not easy breaking free from the negative emotions but with the right life strategy, you will be able to break free.

Rebekah Clark is a professional and leading life transformational coach who understands the true meaning of the human heart and what emotions can be changed or eliminated to start a new life, Thus, allowing couples to reconnect and awaken to their original self and bring forth a more powerful, and more emotionally stable human.

By having a strategy, and plan of action, the right vision and blueprint each individual is able to achieve long-term goals and set a humble future for themselves.

Healing from Loss provides couples with tools and techniques to redesign their existence. The key phrase we work on is, “Healing From Within.” As each person has already been healed, it is a matter of accepting and allowing the process to take place.

Are you currently on a journey where you feel you need to awaken and improve your higher being? Are you seeking purpose and understanding within your life? With the right negative emotional break, through you will release your true potential and heal from within.

Rebekah Clark also works on relationship coaching, both for individuals to find true love and couples that are looking at reconnecting that spark they had lost. The coaching structure goes into finding who you really are and the type of outcome you are looking for within a relationship. By knowing who you are it becomes easier to find what you are looking for in a partner. True love starts with self-love, why not take the chance and love yourself again?

Healing from Loss is the outcome you have been waiting for!

Name of Owner: Rebekah Clark
Company Name:Healing From Loss
Pregnancy Loss Coach & Emotional Therapy Coaching
Area: Pretoria East
Phone Number: 079-497-8413
Email Address: info@healingfromloss.co.za
Website: https://www.healingfromloss.co.za

Certified Transformation Coach
Emotional Therapy Practitioner
NLP Practitioner