Jacqueline van Jaarsveld Audiologist and Speech Therapist

Jacqueline van Jaarsveld is a speech and language therapy and audiology practice based in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

We pride ourselves in providing life-changing treatment, support and care for children and adults. Not only do we treat people with communication difficulties, but our services also include the treatment of feeding and swallowing difficulties.
We believe that the loss of the ability to communicate is the loss of access to the world. That is why we love to help reconnecting our clients to the world around them.
At our practice we strive to provide a supportive environment that provide exceptional service and ethical conduct.

You are always welcome to visit us and find the helping hand you’ve been searching for.

At the practise a variety of treatments are available that is:
Speech therapy: articulation therapy, oral motor therapy, stuttering, early intervention for children from birth to 3 years, swallowing therapy.
Language therapy: expressive language disorder, receptive language, language learning therapy, auditory processing disorders.

Diagnostic pure tone hearing test
A diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step in determining the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of your hearing loss. The evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes for hearing loss.

Fitting of hearing aids
We offer an extensive selection of the latest digital hearing aids from a variety of manufactures. We will find the best solution for your hearing needs within your budget as we fit all types and styles of hearing aids on the market.

Adjustments to- and service of hearing aids
The majority of hearing aids are reprogrammed by connecting the hearing aid to a computer and applying different settings to your device according to your specifications.

Hearing aid repairs
Hearing protection and swim plugs

Swim-mould is used to protect your ears while swimming or bathing, especially for children and babies who were fitted with grommets.

Medical aid tariffs apply.
A variety of hearing aid brands are available at the practise.
We love to build the bridge that connect our clients with the world around them.

Name: Jacqueline Van Jaarsveld
Company Name: Jacqueline Van Jaarsveld Speech Therapist and Audiologist
Area: Secunda
Phone Number: 017 631 1581
Email Address: jacqueline.vanjaarsveld@gmail.com
Website: www.hearandspeak.co.za