A few years ago Janine Binneman decided to design a way for people to tell their story through her greatest passion; jewellery. She created the Name Rings and the rest of the Stacking Ring collection as a way for you to wear your loved one’s name.

Over time, Janine’s Name Ring design gained a few copy cats but as of 13 March 2017 Janine Binneman Jewellery Design is proud to say that they have legally gained rightful ownership as the official owners of the Name Ring design and no other retailer or designers may continue to market them.

Janine Binneman and her team at JBJD are known for producing authentic exquisite jewellery. JBJD has grown substantially over the past few years and become an increasingly popular local brand among jewellery lovers since the brand can custom design and create pretty much anything the customer wants.

“People want to wear beautiful jewellery that captures the heart, so we’ve made it our mission to do just that,” says Janine. All pieces are made to suit the clients brief and are designed by Janine who has an innate ability to tap into her clients’ personal style.

With her extensive knowledge in gemology and jewellery, paired with her passion, Janine is regarded as one of the leaders in her industry, which is why owning the rights to the Name Ring Design can be considered a milestone for JBJD.

So, go wild and purchase some more Name Rings today!

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