Keeping a promise in business

handshake_A very good friend of mine once told me that if you make a promise make sure you make good on it. Don’t promise things you know you can’t deliver on or can’t do and when you promise something follow through on it.

In small business especially as an entrepreneur we often have to promise to do something so we need to make sure that we keep that promise. Not only does it leave a good impression but it also proves that we follow through. You build relationships like this and the person who you promised something to learns that you do follow through. By doing this you will get repeat business, referrals as well as build relationships.

If there is a very valid reason why you can’t follow through then make sure that person knows early on and can make alternative arrangements either with your or someone else.

Keeping a promise not only pertains to business but also your personal life as well. The ability to keep a promise says a lot about you as an individual.

Your business, your word, your commitment.

3 Tips to help you keep your promises:-

Make people priority. Treat people like you yourself would wish to be treated, because even if they don’t seem like they could be important to your business at this time, you never know how important they could become later or who they know and when your unprofessionalism could have very negative consequences for you.

Don’t ignore people. Respond to anyone that contacts you even if they seem unimportant at the moment and always be polite.
Don’t take forever. Follow-up as quickly as you can. Respect your customers and the people you deal with by getting back to them in a respectable time frame, or popping off a quick note to let them know you haven’t forgotten and you will follow-up shortly