Looking for Women to Run with It – Female Entrepreneurs in


Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain and/or Warehousing/Operations

 Calling all female entrepreneurs! Nominations are open for women entrepreneurs for the Run With It – Navigating a business through a crisis Programme. This new initiative is fully funded and aimed at female micro business and SME entrepreneurs in the logistics, transport, supply chain and/or warehousing/operations industries. Successful applicants will not only achieve an NQF Level 4 certificate, but will also be enrolled onto the internationally recognised GrowthWheel programme – a powerful business acceleration platform.


This unique opportunity has been made possible by the Commercial Transport Academy, supported by US Agency USAID - From the American People. The CTA is a multi-accredited and internationally recognised academy with a focus on women upliftment. The programme will assist women-owned micro or SME businesses with the skillset to build a strong foundation to scale their business.

Explaining the purpose behind the Programme, CTA Founder Nicci Scott says: “Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in South Africa, but they need support through skills development and coaching, to grow and become successful. Our Programme will assist women business owners to build their business management knowledge and competence, improve their management and leadership capabilities, operate more efficiently and improve their financial management skills.”


Small enterprises in particular need a strong business network, to collaborate and access opportunities. Part of the Programme includes GrowthWheel, a cloud-based platform that enables participants to work together and make their businesses grow.



“This opportunity will give women entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and network they need to not only survive – but thrive – in today’s increasingly competitive environment,” continues Scott.

The Programme will intake 300 female-owned micro enterprises and SMEs. Phase one commences this year, comprising 100 micro businesses and SMEs. It is aimed at female entrepreneurs who have existing businesses and who are currently selling a product or service in logistics, transport, supply chain and/or warehousing/operations.

Flexible Programme Delivery

It is an eight-months e-learning programme that includes mentorship from trusted business advisors, who have been carefully selected to deliver industry-based knowledge. The Programme is structured and modular based, requiring the completion of four modules: Identifying business opportunities; Developing strategies; Technology in business; Developing and implementing business processes; Managing finances and, Operations management.  Four of the six modules are compulsory.


The programme will commence on 1June 2021.

The minimum qualifying criteria for applicants are:

  • Female beneficiary
  • Matric
  • South African citizen
  • Currently established micro enterprise or SME, with a client pipeline in logistics, transport, supply chain and/or warehousing (proof of company registration)
  • Motivation letter



All interested candidates who meet the minimum qualifying criteria should apply at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOKLphLx8j8KTChEB_CfTnHguWjqDVVIA6VezfJHhzc6u3TQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

The deadline for applications is 14 May 2021.

Applications must be accompanied by a:

  • Detailed CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Matric certificate


For more information on the CTA visit www.c-t-a.co.za