Lunch Bugz

Every mom wants only the best for her kids, especially when it comes to school lunches . . . but sometimes there just isn’t enough time.

Don’t despair! We can help!

LunchBugz is designed to make every moms morning easier with convenient, nutritious snack packs for every school day. LunchBugz provides pre-packed snack packs which are simple yet interesting. Your kids will love it . . . And so will you! – “Kids just grab a bag and go!”

As a Mom of 2 girls, Elena (10) and Isabella (8), I was constantly searching for daily lunch options to send with my girls to school. I struggled to find nutricious snacks that were convenient, well priced and filling. I decided to start LunchBugZ and now I would like to share these fun daily snack packs with other moms! My girls LOVE their daily school snack packs which are easy, exciting and convenient!

– Paula Du Toit