Nume Launches Not So Naughty

NuMe has launched a new and premium range of “Not So Naughty” gluten-free baking products, including a deliciously decadent Chocolate and Pecan Nut mix for brownies and muffins. Sugar-free, low carb, with no artificial additives, these premixes are incredibly easy to bake and carry the Tim Noakes “Eat Better South Africa” stamp of approval. Moist, nutty in flavour, rich, yet not too sweat – this is guilt-free eating at its best!

Favouring a less is more approach to its recipes ensures all the NuMe products hero the natural flavours of the nutritious ingredients used. Blending ground pecan nuts, with sunflower flour, cocoa, sugar-free chocolate and xylitol makes this a healthy indulgence; truly yummy food that’s not at the expense of your wellbeing.
For many their eating choices are not their own and their allergies and food sensitivities dictate their options. In the end meals tend to feel like one big compromise. Boring and bland dishes that don’t measure up. Recognising the challenges of this audience, and aware that many people without allergies are also consciously looking for products that deliver convenience, health and great taste in every calorie they consume – is what drove the company’s managing director, Nadine Hardy Petzer to find food solutions.

Behind all product and recipe development at the company, Petzer is an intuitive serial innovator who is dedicated to excellence. She has an uncompromising commitment to quality and says, “We strive to provide products that fill a gap in the market – solutions that are taste centric but never at the expense of health. When it comes to the NuMe range – our products have bold flavours bursting with deliciousness – providing those who are gluten intolerant with variety and choice.”

Using the finest quality ingredients, the nourishing NuMe baking products have been described as the crème de la crème of low-carb gluten-free eating but more than that – they are exceptionally high in protein and dietary fibre. They make great lunch box fillers or a healthy snack on the run.

“Our baking range is naturally low carb food. We don’t pump in unnecessary ingredients just so that we can make a low carb claim. There are no unnecessary contaminants in our products, which all support clean living and add quality to life,” says Petzer. “There’s nothing synthetic about our ingredients – no artificial additives – only pure, wholesome, natural goodness.”
Both variants are incredibly easy to bake and are done in just 15 mins; leave them in the oven for too long and they will dry out. The brownies can be served with cream and melted dark chocolate, while the muffins can be iced and decorated or simply dribbled with dark chocolate.

The versatility of the products means they are as adaptable. Add nuts to the muffins, or transform the brownie mix into a delicious layer cake. For the home cook keen to experiment, the Not So Naughty products will provide hours of fun in the kitchen.
Widely accessible – the NuMe brands are stocked at Dischem nationwide, as well as Food Lovers Market and specific Spar and Pick ‘n Pay outlets. Health shops like Jacksons also stock the range as do some high end delicatessens and grocers. The baking premixes sell from R55 – R60 a box.
“Few would argue that in life there’s little more valuable than health and time and that’s what we stand for. Convenience without compromise. Delicious flavours that respect the nutritional integrity of each ingredient – prepared in a way that accentuates the natural taste of each carefully chosen component of our food. We provide healthy alternatives and strive to ensure that our food is always made with integrity,” says Petzer.

Nutriseed is in the business of health, and wellness and our functional foods tick all the boxes when it comes to flavour, nutrition, and convenience. Always delicious – when you eat a NuSeed or NuMe product – there’s no compromise. We produce food that supports good living, but never at the expense of taste. Constantly innovating, we are determined to provide more choice, more convenience and plenty of guilt-free pleasures that are good for you. NuSeed and NuMe products are in Dischem Pharmacies, as well as selected supermarkets. To find out more about Nutriseed visit or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.