At NutriNatics we are passionate and fanatic about good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. The vision is to help each and every client to achieve his or her personal goal.

 Individual attention and care with each client is very important in my business. As a registered dietician I use a holistic approach. All relevant medical data, current medication use and lifestyle are taken into consideration when consulting a client or patient. To assist me at NutriNatics in making an informed choice an Inbody Body Composition Analyzer is used. The analyser gives me reliable results on segmental body, water, fat and muscle content. It also gives nutrient and basal metabolic data which are used to provide each patient with an individual diet prescription. A realistic weight and fat percentage goal is set.

History data is used to ensure that each patient is on the right track.  Over the past 20 years many patients were treated with very good results with irritable bowel disease, hypercholesterolemia, allergies, overweight and sport nutrition.

Clinical nutrition in the Netcare Moot Hospital is also done daily for patients in the ICU with special nutritional needs. Consultations in the ward with diabetic and post surgical patients happen on a daily basis.

In the practice recipe books and products are sold to help patients to be compliant. The biggest mistake most people constantly make is to skip breakfast, eat a take away with a sugar loaded drink and finish the day off with u huge dinner going straight to bed with less than 1000 steps walked for the whole day.

At first dietary changes look difficult but the biggest part of the business consist of coaching people to make small attainable changes that is sustainable. A big goal is broken off into smaller reachable goals which won’t be overpowering. One of the biggest rewards in life is to help a person to have a better quality of life and to use less medication by implementing better lifestyle and food choices.

NutriNatics’ aim is to have this as the biggest goal in helping other people to enjoy a better and healthier life.