Bodytec Stellenbosch on the 22 September 2015

rsz_Shot_14-008Bodytec is based on personal fitness training with electro muscle stimulation. They use specially made equipment designed by high end technology. All it takes is a twenty minute training session with your personal trainer or Bodytec consultant. If it is your first visit to Bodytec the consultant will sit with you, get to know you by asking questions about your diet, fitness levels, health status with special focus on serious illness or pregnancy. The question “what is it like to be you for a day”. This question is very important to give the consultant an opportunity the gauge what sort of training, level of fitness and stress levels a client is dealing with.

In a training session the client will change into special clothing, mainly tight but comfortable fitted clothing. This has to be worn to ensure maximum comfort and to make sure that the stimulation is going directly to the muscles. This in a nutshell optimizes the amount of muscle contraction that is being achieved.

After changing into the proper gear, the consultant will put a special jacket on you, this jacket is sleeveless and has the wires attached to it. These wires then get plugged into the machine used to transfer the electro stimulation. Then, pads are also strapped onto the client to ensure the correct muscles are being stimulated. For example, pads are predominantly placed on the chest, under the arms, between the legs and over the bum.

Once that is properly fitted the client will stand infront of the machine used to submit electricity to the jacket. The consultant will monitor the client threshold to the electricity to see where they are and what will reach a benefit. It is important that the client can feel the muscles being contracted in order to reap the results. It is completely painless but an unusual feeling for the first time. It is definitely a great way to get to know the muscles and work them that you never before knew existed. The session is quite quick, twenty minutes as mentioned earlier. It is completely guided by the consultant or trainer who runs through all the steps and exercises with you. During stimulation small, easy exercises are done such as lunges, pulsing and crunches.

The cycle runs on a four seconds exercise, four seconds relief. The trainer always stresses the importance of breathing regularly and reminds you if you for some reason forget. The experience on a whole was very different and very interesting. Bodytec is a great alternative for many moms who do not have the time to workout as regularly as they would want too. It is recommended that your Bodytec sessions are supplemented with a bit of cardio as well to achieve optimal results. Bodytec is also a very popular choice used by professional athletes and young people.

Lastly, at the studio there is also a shower – towels and soap provided – that clients may use after their workout. Bodytec is a very personal experience and workout, only two clients at a time each with their own trainer. Appointments must be made in advance so that clients do not have to wait. Bodytec is not only a product, it is a service too.

For more information please visit the Bodytec website Stores also run nationwide.