Overberg Therapy Centre

The Overberg Therapy Centre in Hermanus consists of an educational psychologist (Lianna Morrison), a counselling psychologist (Karin Brand), a speech therapist and audiologist (Estelle Venter) as well as an occupational therapist (Maryke van Rhyn).

The practice is the dream of Estelle Venter and the four of us have been working together for nearly ten years and have formed a close multi-disciplinary team. We are fortunate in that we form part of a Pediatric Work Group that is a network of HPCSA registered professionals, including the paediatricians, dieticians and diverse therapists in the area who focus on working with children.

Our services focus on children from three years of age to adults (depending on who you consult with). Between us we have a range of experiences stretching from working with children with severe disabilities to typical developmental issues (both emotional and physical) that occur both in the school and home environment.

Lianna and Karin in addition to their work with children's anxieties, fears, losses and traumas also do scholastic assessments. Karin focuses on subject and career assessments while Lianna assists the local schools in the area including those that cater for children with mild to moderate physical and intellectual disabilities.  Maryke has specialised in working with pre- and primary school children with perceptual difficulties. She has worked in a variety of settings and assisted children within the classroom which has given her a good hands-on understanding of what is expected of them. Estelle has a wealth of experience with the pre-primary school child with speech difficulties and has a special touch with children across the spectrum. We all work with the teachers of the children we see in order to ensure that we have a holistic picture of the child. Although we deal with serious issues and understand that parents come to us with their fears and concerns regarding their children the most common sound heard across the practice is squeals of laughter as we each work to help the child in our care progress and develop.