Packed Lunches


Save yourself time, money and energy by letting us pack lunch. Every box is filled with nutritious snacks that are pre-packed for each school or work day. Delivery costs are included in the price. Make your life easier with a Packed Snacks box.

Your box will last a month – there are 21 days in a box. In each day bag there are 3 nutritious snacks like biltong, nuts, rice cakes, low GI biscuits, healthy energy bars, fruit bars, nut bars, dried fruit, Provitas and cheese. Your box will be filled with healthy snacks that are tasty too! All you need to do is pull out a bag add a fruit or yoghurt and Lunch is Packed!

Our kids boxes include a drink and you can choose preservative free juice or water. Adults boxes don’t have drinks but the snacks are larger and more suitable for adult tastebuds.

We regularly develop new menus and add new items to our boxes so you never get bored. Are you ready to have drama-free lunch packing?