The top trends impacting SMEs in 2024

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a critically important role in driving inclusive growth and development. It’s estimated that SMEs currently make up more than 90% of registered businesses in South Africa, provide employment to more than half of the labour force, and account for more than a third of GDP, representing one of the […]

The importance of building your business as if you plan on selling it

Entrepreneurs embark on business ventures for many different reasons, but usually they are driven by passion, innovation, or the pursuit of independence. Very few business owners set out on their ventures with the idea that they want to sell their enterprise down the line. But structuring and managing your business as if you plan to […]

Inyathelo advises NPOs to maintain visibility for funding

  South African nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a major role in providing essential services to under-resourced communities, and advocating for change. However, as many NPOs are cash-strapped, and their staff capacity is stretched, some are considering cutting back their communications initiatives in these tough economic times. This could have unintended consequences, however, warns Inyathelo, an […]

Six reason why informal businesses should have a business bank account

Many small businesses are found to be still running their businesses from their personal accounts. Business Development Manager at FNB Commercial, Francinah Phalatsi, says “The misconception is that running your business together with personal finances has the potential to save you money and spares you the hassles of opening and running separate bank accounts.  However, […]