Nunuki for Little Humans

Nunuki for little Humans

My first grandchild was born on the 5th October 2020 and Nana sent a hamper of products to my daughter.  She says she loves the different characters of each product and that the products are colourful and smell so nice.  As the products come in their own travelling bag it means that when they go away on holiday nothing will be left behind.


From Alethea, Mason and proud granny a heartfelt thank you to Nana and her team.

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Indulge Without the bulge

Indulge without the bulge

5 healthy habits to adopt this festive season

Finally on track to reaching your goal weight? Catherine Clark, Owner and Founder of The Harvest Table advises not to waste all your hard work this festive season by throwing caution to the wind and eating everything that comes your way. She says, “Many of us see the holidays as an opportunity to let loose and overindulge, but come January we are riddled with guilt and regret.”

She adds that whilst December isn’t necessarily the time to lose weight, you don’t have to put on weight either, “The fact is that you will be tempted to overeat and do less exercise, so key is not to deprive yourself, but rather to navigate the festive season so that you can indulge without the bulge,” she says.

Catherine offers these 5 healthy habits to adopt this festive season:

1. Don’t drink your calories: Most alcohol, juice and carbonated drinks are high in sugar and can significantly contribute to your calorie intake. What tends to happen is that you don’t realise you are on your third drink, and by then, you’ve consumed empty calories that can lead to weight gain. Choose low-calorie alcohol alternatives or non-alcoholic options like water or soda water, flavoured with fruits, herbs and extracts which will help quench your thirst without the added sugar.
2. Steer clear of the snack table: The best way to navigate the snack table is to not socialise around it as this will lead to mindless eating. Also, instead of ‘finger-picking’, dish up your snacks (even crisps!) on a small plate. According to Harvard Health Publishing being distracted or not paying attention to a meal tends to make people eat more. As such, you can also adopt mindful eating habits and ask yourself simple questions like, “Am I hungry or am I just eating because there is food?”
3. Eat your greens first: Reach for the green leafy vegetables before you pile on foods with high fat and sugar content. Fill half your plate with healthy vegetables and eat those first as this will prevent overindulging because there will be less room for the rich-food items. One way to achieve this is by using the 60/40 rule, which is an extension of the 80/20 rule. While at a gathering, you can eat 60% nutritious food and 40% of your favourite things to help you stay on track with your goals.
4. Watch your eating in the day so that you don’t have to at night: Most festive season activities go into the evening, so if you know that you going to an afternoon/evening event, eat low-energy-dense foods over breakfast and lunch, and watch your portions. This way, you can space out your energy intake, ensure that you’re full throughout the day, and you will have a chance to enjoy supper with no guilt.
5. Drink lots of water: Water has zero calories and many benefits like helping you stay hydrated, maintaining the balance of body fluids in your body and easing constipation. Plus, it keeps you fuller for longer! Your body is comprised of 60% of water which is necessary for functions such as digestion, transportation of nutrients, the creation of saliva and more, so it’s good to drink it throughout the day. Always carry a water bottle with you, and if you’re entertaining at home, make sure to place a jug of water where you can see it as it will be easier for you to drink.
“The festive season doesn’t have to result in extra kilos by January. The important thing is to be mindful and adequately prepare to ensure that you don’t regret your food choices and the consequences thereof,” Catherine concludes.

Since inception in 2018, The Harvest Table has been creating pure, wholesome products packaged earth consciously to change the lives of our customers positively by educating them and helping them to make better food choices daily.
For more information, please visit:

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Three successful women in tech share their secrets with wannabe shetrepreneurs

Samantha Staats, Heather Mostert and Claire Storm


The information and communications technology (ICT) industry in South Africa is still largely male-dominated, with only 23% of jobs in the field held by women. But even though men still lead the field both in South Africa and internationally, there are a handful of women who are really disrupting the status quo and making their mark. Three such women are co-founders of Airshot; Samantha Staats, Claire Storm and ex-Miss South Africa, Heather Mostert.

In 2017, these three women, who were all running successful businesses at the time, wanted to address a gap in the market with a tech-centered solution. The problem? None of them actually had the tech skills or the education to back their vision. In fact, none of them had any form of tech background at all! And yet the co-founders believe that they possess the necessary skill and experience required to make their dreams a reality. “We’d like to think of us as having exactly the right skill set to make this happen. Whilst having a tech background would’ve been an added advantage; it wasn’t critical. Leadership, project management, problem solving, delegation and networking are the skills that have served us best,” Heather explains.

And so, these ladies (with the help of their wingman and serial entrepreneur, Felix Schmitz) pursued their dream and founded Airshot, a forward-thinking digital solution that boosts employee engagement and productivity across a company’s value chain.  Now, two years and 1000 users later, Airshot has managed to bag one of South Africa’s largest retailers as a client, making the co-founders vision of building a global business that drives growth, is a catalyst for change and ultimately makes every single person they engage with maximise their potential, a reality.

In celebration of Women’s month, Sam, Claire and Heather share 5 tips with wannabe shetrepreneurs:

1. Know your vision, make your tribe, start!

Claire shares that taking the first step was critical to their success. “Airshot started with a conversation! Sam and I had realised that a technical solution needed to be developed. It took all of five seconds for Felix to agree and a few months later, the team was completed by Heather. Step One: Know your vision. Step Two: Make your tribe. Step Three: Start!”

2.  Affect change no matter the circumstances

Heather believes that when you have an opportunity to affect change, you don’t necessarily need all the required skills, education or background to make that happen; you do however need the right people. “They say do what you love, with the people you love.  My approach is to work with a group of creative, energetic and captivating people, who bring a different set of skills to the table that, when combined are perfect alchemy.”

3. It’s not going to be for everybody

“When someone says ‘No’ to your product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be a success,” says Samantha. She adds that it’s important to remember that your product or service is not going to be for everyone. “I am so passionate about Airshot that I just want everyone to have it and love it, but realistically, it’s not going to be for everyone and that’s okay. Every no is closer to a yes!”

4. Be agile and open to learning

No business is without its challenges, but being able to quickly adjust and lean on the collective skills within your business, plays a pivotal role in your ability to bounce back. “We have an all-hands-on-deck approach when it comes to challenges. We believe in fixing problems immediately and when one partner knows more than the other, we support them in finding a solution that has a positive impact for our clients,” says Heather.

5. Talk about your ideas

Don’t be scared to talk about your business for fear of someone stealing your ideas says Claire. “Talking, connecting, sharing and networking can only grow your abilities, and hiding it, is just one potential customer down the drain. There are more collaborators than destroyers in business.”

“Women can become leaders in any industry, but a strong vision and a formidable team are great contributors to overall success,” Samantha concludes.


About Airshot

Airshot is an innovative digital solution that boosts engagement and productivity across business value chains in order to deliver results. While this agile broadcast platform is accessible via a mobile or web app, it is far more than just an app. It is a highly-targeted participation-based tool that makes campaigns, incentives and performance analytics easily accessible to users and campaign creators.

For more information on Airshot, please go to:

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#ImStaying Announces New Leadership

Earlier this week Jarette Petzer, founder of the largest social movement for good in South Africa, #ImStaying, announced his resignation as CEO of the movement.
Petzer explained that he wanted to free up time to focus more intently on his latest project, Move ONE Million. He also felt that his resignation would also enable a more diverse leadership team to take the reins of #ImStaying. Petzer stated: “We have had an incredible journey with #ImStaying over the past year. We have opened the hearts and minds of the nation, and now it’s time for this incredible movement to grow into its purpose under the right leadership”.
Joanita van Wyk will remain committed to the #ImStaying movement and will continue as Director, Shireen Ebrahim will replace Petzer as company CEO.
Ebrahim is a woman of many talents. She is a businesswoman, philanthropist, community activist, wife, and doting mom. She serves as an Executive Director on the ICMT Group of Companies made up of various businesses in the IT, Training, and Retail space. She is also an Advisory Board Member on the South African International Film Academy and Awards.
She is the Founder and CEO of a non-profit, Charity Driven Organisation, and the Covid-19 Hero Awards aimed at recognizing and awarding essential frontline workers during the pandemic. Ebrahim is passionate about combatting gender-based violence against women and working with disadvantaged and underprivileged children. She is the founder of HEELS International Pty Ltd, a company that assists and supports women by focused empowerment projects and rewarding philanthropy efforts.
Ebrahim serves as a Board Director on the International Association of Pageantry in the USA and is also a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Humanitarian work in South Africa. She is also the 2020 Influential Woman of the Year Awards Recipient and has received various other professional accolades. Ebrahim is also known for her kind and humble demeanor. She has worked extensively with various charitable organizations and major corporates in her businesses and is without a doubt a huge asset to the #ImStaying movement.
Van Wyk stated, “The year has been life-changing with many achievements. Since #ImStaying’s inception in September 2019, we have grown to 1.2million members, initiated and collaborated on a number of fundraising campaigns and feel-good initiatives to uplift our communities and follow through on our motto of Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.”
Some of #ImStaying’s past initiatives include the following but is not limited to:
• The #ImStaying community raised an incredible R 1 058 520.40 for food vouchers that were allocated to needy families across South Africa. The digital food vouchers helped to feed thousands of vulnerable South Africans.
• #ImStaying collected R257 000 for a farming community to assist them in the drought-stricken area. The contributions received from #ImStaying members assisted with feeding farmworkers and their families, the farmers, and their families, as well as supplying feed to the farm animals.
• During the lockdown, members of #ImStaying also contributed towards care packages for the Emfuleni community.
Ebrahim emphasizes, “I am excited to be joining the #ImStaying Foundation. My immediate priority is to continue the great work achieved and take it to the next level. #ImStaying has a strong reputation for delivering results. I am confident that by working together and focusing upon #ImStaying’s vision and mission and collaborating on long-term partnership and operational excellence, we can continue to enhance our experiences with members and supporters whilst strengthening our position for the future.”
2021 will focus on a wider range of community-based projects as well as the #ImStaying Community Heroes Humanitarian Awards and other trailblazing initiatives in collaboration with various renowned organizations and corporate sponsors. Ebrahim looks forward to the positive engagement and continued support. With Ebrahim at the helm, #ImStaying promises to continue to uplift and inspire the South African nation.
The ImStaying NPC board and management wishes Jarette Petzer the best in his future endeavors and they thank him for his efforts and contribution to the #ImStaying brand, despite his decision to step down as CEO, Petzer will always be remembered as the founder of the movement and will continue to have a working relationship with the team.
An exciting range of new fundraising campaigns that will undoubtedly warm the hearts of the Rainbow Nation, has already been announced.

The campaigns over the festive season include:
#ImSanta (this is a make-a-wish campaign in which individuals can make a wish for the festive season. We invite corporates and individuals to donate to grant the wishes of South Africans).
#ImStaying and Gift of the Givers Eastern Cape Aid (to support farmers, farmworkers, animal feed, disaster relief and the community as a whole).
Hampers4Hunger (aimed at providing food vouchers to impoverished families).
Kit-a-Kid (aimed at kitting children out in new uniforms for the 2021 school year).
#Care4Kids (a campaign aimed at providing care packages to underprivileged children)

More information pertaining to these and other campaigns will be available on the #ImStaying Facebook Group shortly.
To sign up as potential donor | sponsor | wish granter, please complete this document:
#ImSanta #Donate #MakeAWish #FestiveSeason #ImStaying #IAM #WeThePeople #SouthAfrican #ProudlySouthAfrican #BeTheChange #Philanthropy #Sponsorship

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How your small business can look after its people and increase productivity


People and productivity: How small businesses can build employee engagement 

 By Viresh Harduth, Vice President, Small Business, Sage Africa & Middle East


We celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (16 - 22 November) against the backdrop of a year that has been exhausting for small and medium businesses and their people. As entrepreneurs start to think about what comes next, higher productivity and growth are very much on the agenda. One of the keys to achieving this goal is to boost employee engagement.

As much as it sounds dry and corporate, employee engagement matters as much for smaller businesses as for large organizations. It’s not to be confused with concepts such as ‘employee satisfaction’ or workplace happiness. Your people can be happy or satisfied without being truly engaged.


Employee engagement goes further – it is about how emotionally invested your colleagues are in the business, its goals, and their role in it. A satisfied employee will come in 9 to 5 and do the bare minimum asked in their job description. An engaged employee will put their heart into helping the business, their colleagues and their customers succeed.

So, how do you build engagement as a small business? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Prioritise employees’ wellbeing

Caring is a two-way street. Showing employees that you care is not just about their mental and physical wellbeing, but also about their growth and happiness will help boost their motivation and engagement. Whether it’s offering them access to a psychologist in these difficult times, hosting company yoga sessions and fun runs, providing them with paid training (even if it’s via a voucher from Udemy), or simply remembering their birthday, these gestures can energize your team.

  1. Offer appropriate rewards and incentives

If you want your employees to go the extra mile, offering the right rewards and incentives is key. In a tough economy, where many small businesses are barely hanging on, the incentives can’t always take the form of a big financial reward. However, you can reward people who go the extra mile in a range of other ways:

  • A thank you note and a chocolate bar
  • Public recognition
  • A bonus day of leave
  • Access to the prime parking space for a month
  • A shopping voucher for R100 or R200
  • The opportunity to work on a particularly interesting project
  1. Give them a voice

Employees will feel more engaged when they feel like their voice is heard. They will feel more committed when they have a say in planning and goals. Colleagues like to be asked for feedback, whether in a formal process like their performance review or an informal chat. Of course, you can’t ask your team for their opinions on every decision—but knowing that you’re listening to their ideas, suggestions and concerns drives better engagement.

  1. Provide them with user-friendly tools

The right technology and tools can make a massive difference in employee engagement and the employee experience. If people have access to easy-to-use software that makes their lives easier, they can focus on the enriching parts of their job rather than on fighting processes and technology. Today’s cloud-based solutions are slick and easy to use. You can also use cloud-based tools to keep employees engaged and connected during this time via digital self-service and employee communications.

Employee engagement is a competitive edge

 Gallup has a global database that analyses the engagement and performance of 35 million employees worldwide. The company’s research shows that productivity among highly engaged teams is 14% higher than that of teams with the lowest engagement. It also reveals that two-thirds of the global workforce is not engaged.

These stunning figures highlight just how much of a competitive advantage you could gain by outperforming when it comes to employee engagement. More engaged employees mean better productivity, better customer service, and better business outcomes all round. It’s an ideal place to focus as you rebuild after a year that has left many people feeling burnt out and anxious.

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