SME’s Have you Completed Your Financial Planning for 2019?

While small to medium enterprise (SME) owners may not have a great deal of control over South Africa’s broader economic issues, they do have control over how they plan and manage their finances, says EasyBiz Technologies Managing Director, Gary Epstein. “The failure of many SMEs to make it past the critical 3.5-year mark is more […]

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Top three opportunities to grow small South African businesses in 2019

    2019 is well underway, bringing with it a range of risks and opportunities for startups and growing businesses. Some of the challenges your business will face – a volatile rand, Eskom load shedding, tax and labour laws – are beyond your control. To thrive this year, focus on what you can control by […]

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sme’s: Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Cybercrime

As small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly looking at ways to digitise their businesses in order to expand and remain competitive, it has become essential for business owners to view cyber security as a priority. Just last year, almost half of all cyber-attacks reported worldwide were targeting smaller-sized enterprises with less than 250 employees. […]

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SME’S Dont Leave Your Tax Submissions too Late

It is critical for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to be properly prepared for the upcoming tax season. This means keeping abreast of amendments to tax regulations and affording the business enough time to adjust to any changes. EasyBiz Technologies Managing Director, Gary Epstein, says last year’s VAT increase had a significant psychological impact on […]

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Knowing the Different Types of Diabetes

16th November 2016 | No Comments

Diabetes is a condition featuring unusually high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, is used by the body to lower blood glucose levels. If someone’s pancreas doesn’t generate enough insulin, their body will develop diabetes. A short list of symptoms of diabetes would include severe hunger and thirst, more urge […]

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Keeping a promise in business

1st November 2016 | No Comments

A very good friend of mine once told me that if you make a promise make sure you make good on it. Don’t promise things you know you can’t deliver on or can’t do and when you promise something follow through on it. In small business especially as an entrepreneur we often have to promise […]

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SA’s leading franchising and business opportunities event signs up millions in new deals

3rd October 2016 | No Comments

Reed Exhibitions #BuyaBusiness Expo sponsored by Absa brought in millions of rands in deals for a number of exhibitors this year. The event focused on franchising and business opportunities was staged at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg during September. Built on over 20 years’ experience in running leading small business development events, the new-format #BuyaBusiness […]

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Love is Full Circle When Getting Older

25th September 2016 | No Comments

 Everyone gets older. I often find myself worrying about getting older and the best thing we can do is to love the changes and to be kind to ourselves. When you can, play like a youngster. When you can’t, relax in the sun. We used to be able to do all sorts of different sports […]

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Dealing With Dandruff

22nd September 2016 | No Comments

Causes of Dandruff Although the cause of dandruff is not completely understood, it is currently theorized that one of the main causes is a breakdown of the scalps natural lipid barrier, leaving it more exposed to infection by the microscopic yeast that is commonly found in the scalp. When the yeast overgrows, it leads to […]

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