Parinama Yoga Studio

After teaching on a part time basis for 3 years, I finally took the leap to opening a home based studio. I didn't really think in terms of expanding when I started. I was able to give my students personal attention and care, and to provide a space where they could also get to know one another. Even when I appointed an additional teacher to take over 2 to 3 classes a week, I still endeavoured to provide a safe and personal space.

But like all things, my teachings and the studio wanted to grow. I found myself wanting to host workshops, to host yoga days, to reach more people with the benefits of yoga, but being unable to do so due to a limit in space, numbers and assisting teachers. 

In the same way that I woke up one day and announced I was going to be a Yoga Teacher, and later that I was going to open my own (home-based) studio, I woke up one morning and announced to my family that all the things I had been talking about needed to be manifested. 

And so it was that Parinama Yoga Studio is now on the brink of becoming Lunula Yoga Studio. Parinama means transformation, so perhaps it was unavoidable that these steps are now taken. Lunula means crescent, the start of the movement towards fullness. Despite the growth spurt of the studio, the value will still be kept: A personal touch on a safe and neutral space, where students can return to a relaxed and healthier state of themselves without any pressure or judgement. 

Whatever the name or the address, it has always been my intention to share the great multitude of yoga benefits with as many people as possible. It doesn't matter what your fitness level, flexibility, age, gender, or creed may be, yoga provides holistic benefits for the mind and the body which have quite simply become essential in our time. 

Although this studio will be set up by me, I hope that it will be a platform for all yoga teachers in the area to reach as many students as possible, but also to continue to grow within their own understanding and practice of yoga.