Zero sugar. Zero guilt. Packed full of goodness
We live in ever-changing times and fast paced environments that often
make it challenging for many to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what is a healthy lifestyle in modern
day 2021? Health is not just a way of preventing illnesses and disease but it a pleasant outlook on
life and a way of living that aids one to fully enjoy more aspects of their life.
Peanut Butter Zero is a delicious, indulgent and guilt free bar that is packed full of goodness and
nutritious flavours that play a role in contributing towards fuelling your body and maintaining a
wholesome diet. Peanut Butter Zero is anything but new, it has been made with the finest
ingredients to produce a convenient and healthy treat for individuals who live life on the go, fitness
bunnies that want to consume minimal net carbs without the sugar rush, active professionals that
need a tasty something to tide them over between meals and the health conscious mom who wants
a portable and tasty treat for her entire family.
Beyond the taste – What makes it the best on shelf
Made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients this amalgamation of creamy original peanut butter
combined with zero added sugar and chocolate creates a guilt-free delicious snack. In every bar you
will only find between 2.5 gm and 2.8 gm of sugar. That’s why it’s called Peanut Butter Zero “ Guiltfree Indulgence”.
According to health experts, eating large amounts of sugar can indirectly raise diabetes risk
by contributing to weight gain and increased body fat. Getting carried away and consuming large
amounts of sugar is easy as it’s contained in the majority of snack foods. This is not good for your
blood sugar.
Blood sugar is the glucose found in your blood and insulin is the stuff that brings glucose to your cells
for energy. Blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day depending on what you eat. Letting it drop
super low can leave you grouchy, shaky, and feeling low on energy. The emotion we have come to
know as Hanger.
The goal is to get blood sugar to balance so that you have that get up and go feeling. Peanut Butter
Zero is the perfect snack to keep at bay to avoid succumbing to those sugar cravings with zero added
Locally made globally recognized
The Peanut Butter Zero Added Sugar bar is not only the only zero added count line in South Africa,
but it is also the world's only zero added sugar peanut butter bar. And it is made right here in the
recently renamed Gqeberha. Sustainably sourced cocoa from West Africa with Fairtrade certification
and all milk from South African cows. The zero added sugar bars are also registered and authorized
by the South African National Halaal Authority.
Zero Guilt – Why it should be your healthy choice
Maltitol is the key ingredient that makes your Peanut Butter Zero bar such a tasty and decadent
treat, and why it exceeds the dreaded soluble carbohydrate – sugar!
Maltitol is a form of carbohydrate known as a sugar alcohol or polyol. Sugar alcohols are watersoluble molecules found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Maltitol is made from starches that are
high in maltose, a sugar (a disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules). It provides body,
sweetness, and a creamy texture to the guilt-free snack that is Peanut Butter Zero.
Not only does Maltitol contain 40% fewer calories than sugar, but it is also safer for your teeth. It is
less likely to cause tooth decay or cavities than regular sugar or other sweeteners.
Pure Protein Power
Peanut butter has plenty of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium,
and zinc. These nutrients may improve blood sugar levels and improve heart health.
Zinc has been highlighted during the pandemic as it is necessary for immunity, protein synthesis, and
DNA formation. Magnesium is necessary for health because it participates in over 300 chemical
processes in the body. Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, heart,
muscles, and the transmission of messages through the nervous system. You can get all this
goodness in a healthy snack to eat on the go! Now that’s power!
These tasty treats are available online and in-store