Piece by Piece Foundation

The Piece by Piece Foundation (reg no: 220-717 NPO) is dedicated to providing support to families with children suffering from developmental delays and learning disorders. They take pride in being able to offer some financial assistance to these families who are already so overwhelmed. They also help with it their community by handing out special boxes full to the brim with items that are coming, sensory and educational.

The Piece by Piece Foundation was founded by three ambitious women in Somerset West who wanted to make a change. These three women, Linda Herbert, Madelé Gervais and Antoinette Cronje, all worked at Evolve Child Development Center with neurodiverse children. Repeatedly they were faced with the sad truth that many cannot afford to pay for therapies needed to help their Special needs children. The ladies stood together and started raising funds for these children. Soon it was clear the best way to do this was by starting an NPO of their own. They started with selling homemade pancakes and collection tins but then Mandela day 2021 everything changed.

By fluke they stumbled upon the idea of making sensory boxes for children with special needs to help them with their sensory needs. Before they knew it the boxes had a life of their own and generous well doers sponsored the contents and made monetary donations to sponsor the boxes and thus the education of Special needs children. Each business that donated was thanked publicly and logos placed on boxes.







The Piece by Piece Foundation has given out roughly 200 massive filled to the brim boxes to children in need, whether from impoverished backgrounds or facing developmental challenges. The Piece by Piece Foundation has also been able to support a handful of children. One child specifically went from not being able to say one word to speaking in full sentences in less than a year due to him receiving the necessary therapy hours to get him there.

Their sponsors and donors’ contributions has formed a critical part in this process, and is what enables them to offer support to these children and families. 

A side note: none of the Piece by Piece Foundation members take any salaries and all work probono for the cause, with every single cent being allocated to the special needs fees of children in need.

If this story has resounded with your heart in any way, we would like to ask you to like the Piece by Piece Foundation Facebook and Instagram page and check out their website at https://piecebypiecefoundation.wordpress.com/

They believe in sharing happiness Piece by Piece.