Raeesa Mahomed Transformational Life Coaching

Raeesa Mahomed was certified as a transformational life coach in 2016 and then went on to do her Masters in the same year. She qualified as a Masters Life and Transformational Coach ( which she describes as a mind blowing and life changing experience). She set up her practice immediately and has seen a steady clientele since. The term ‘life coach’ is well known, but what is a transformational coach. This term is used because, as Raeesa says, her clients find that their entire lives are transformed for the better. ‘This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, to see someone come in with huge challenges and leave not only having learnt to overcome these, but how to live their best life’.

The life coaching process is not just about the client talking while the coach listens. Raeesa has a set programme with specific techniques to remove negative and limiting beliefs and emotions and set the client on a path of success and fulfillment. Besides her niche areas which are listed above, she also has helped people with a wide range of other issues, like grief after loss, relationships and divorce and marital counseling.

‘It’s amazing how many people need a coach but don’t know it’ says Raeesa. ‘All of us have inner demons that are holding us back and we don’t even know how, until we tap into our subconscious and release them’. And the truly wow moment comes when the client realizes how much power they have within them to change their lives. It’s actually simple when you know how. We’ve just been so conditioned to accept a particular version of the world or our reality. Actually there are as many versions of our life as we choose to have and it is up to us to choose the version that will lead us to our best selves and our best lives. It is a truly empowering experiencing.
‘My eureka moment was when I realized how much power I had within me, and now my joy comes by helping others do the same’.

Name of Owner: Raeesa Mahomed
Company Name: Raeesa Mahomed Transformational Life Coaching
Area: Morningside, Durban
Phone Number: 083 277 3739
Email Address: info@raeesamahomed.co.za
Website: www.raeesamahomed.co.za