Rooted in Love Counselling

I am a Relationship Specialist with practices in Fourways and Pretoria East. I charge medical aid rates and passionately work with: -Families, -Couples, -Parents and Children, -Individuals with romantic, familial or work relationship difficulties.

I use an eclectic range of techniques to suit my client’s needs, but my overarching approach to counselling is Rooted in Love I take my therapeutic relationship very seriously and regard it a privilege to be of assistance to my clients. My personal and professional experiences give me a deep understanding and knowledge of relationships of all shapes and sizes. I have vast and varied international and local exposure to modern forms of restructured and blended family and believe healthy family relationships are fundamental for our healthy development into adulthood. For couples considering marriage or already married, I encourage you to seek counselling for I believe fundamental challenges which arise in relationships with significant others is due to a lack of communication on what it is we NEED, and what it is we EXPECT from our partners. Across our diverse population I can reaffirm that we all have one thing in common: we have an innate desire and need to be loved, and to love. From our early stages of development, we crave connection and attachment and this does not change when we become adults. Our primary relationships with our parents form templates for our future relationships; it is never too early or too late to invest time into this relationship. I believe consistency, communication and compromise are not merely reserved for romantic relationships but are vital for all relationships; including your therapeutic one.

It would be a privilege to journey with you to help you GROW THROUGH WHAT YOU GO THROUGH.

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