South Africa’s First Tickle Spa Opens in Sandton

If the thought of being soothed and de-stressed through therapeutic touch appeals to you, or if you’d just like to try something a little different from the run of the mill massage, South Africa’s first ever tickle spa is a must visit! Called The Tickle Spot and based in Parkmore, Sandton, this unique spa recently opened its doors to cater for everyone from children who will benefit from touch therapy, to stressed adults in dire need of relaxing and the elderly who will benefit from the healing hands of the trained therapists. Over and above the wonderful therapeutic benefits, this is a completely new and extraordinary experience, with goose bumps guaranteed!

The brainchild of Elaine Ollewagen, a successful business woman, The Tickle Spot is not only a very special and relaxing way to enjoy a spa type experience, it is based on sound scientific research that indicates that non-sexual physical touch is key in promoting a sense of well-being, in decreasing violence, building a stronger immune system and assisting in cognitive and social development.

“I loved being tickled as a child – and still do – and for years I’ve thought it would be amazing to pay someone to do this for me. Now with our first to market creation right in the middle of Sandton, anyone can enjoy the heavenly experience of a truly good tickle,” says Elaine.

Touch is the first of the senses to develop in the human infant, and it remains perhaps the most emotionally central throughout our lives, “But in a tech-saturated world, human touch is in danger of becoming rare, if not obsolete. Despite the benefits of digital advancement, it is vital to preserve human touch in order for us truly to thrive and quite frankly the treatment is an absolutely blissful experience that leaves you feeling calm, in touch and revitalised,” says Elaine.

As strange as the idea may sound to some, there is a similar concept in Spain which is hugely popular. “South Africa is now only one of two countries in the world where this treatment is available. We are serious about the business of delivering a goose bump inducing experience locally and are considering our treatment accredited by the SAAHSP (South African Association Of Health & Skincare Professionals),” concludes Elaine.

For more information or to book your treatment visit or call 011 568 4395 or 082 281 8259.